Members have an opportunity to help advance the profession by volunteering in a wide range of areas. With over 100 committees, sub-committees, taskforces and working groups, volunteers form the backbone of the Actuaries Institute and are vital to the success of many of our activities.

We are very fortunate that members (and some non-members) choose to contribute their knowledge, time, experience and enthusiasm in a wide range of areas including education, communications, governance, professional development and other operational aspects.


Significant member contribution is involved in the delivery and administration of the Institute's education program, including:

  • participation in the Education Council Committee, Board of Examiners or various faculty, accreditation, examination and exemption committees;
  • tutoring students;
  • marking exams and assignments;
  • writing and reviewing education examinations and courses; and
  • preparing professional development material.

Other areas of engagement

A comprehensive network of committees and taskforces supports Council and Institute HQ in achieving our strategic and operational plans.

Volunteers make a substantial contribution to these initiatives by:

  • participating in committees serving a wide range of practice areas;
  • assisting with strategic projects;
  • organising and contributing to seminars and other CPD events;
  • preparing submissions to government and regulators on topics of interest;
  • providing governance and disciplinary support;
  • contributing to the research effort; and
  • representing the profession internationally.

Why volunteer?

We rely heavily on members to achieve our strategic goals. The unique qualities and especially the technical expertise that actuarial volunteers bring allows the Institute to deliver quality outcomes and unsurpassed results.

In return, members benefit from the opportunity to network with colleagues, exchange information and ideas, and contribute to the growth and development of their profession. Members may also acquire new knowledge, learn a new skill or simply meet a new colleague - and in many instances, volunteering can also be counted towards CPD hours.

Each year we reward our  volunteers with a cocktail party in Sydney and Melbourne, which allows us to acknowledge the significant contribution our volunteers make. Education volunteers also receive nominal payments for their time and a gift at the end of each semester.

Quite simply, we could not operate as effectively as we do without the leadership and support of the many volunteers who give their time. This commitment, dedication and hard work means so much more can be achieved and is greatly appreciated by everyone at HQ.

We are proud of the enormous volunteer contribution made to the actuarial profession in Australia, and in some cases internationally, by over 35% of the membership.

How to volunteer

If you're interested in volunteering please contact us at  volunteers@actuaries.asn.au

The Institute extends its grateful appreciation to all volunteers.