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Organising Committee

Meet our Data Science Seminar Organising Committee  


Dominic Roe - Chair 

Dominic Roe is an Actuary and Underwriter at Cover-More Group where he is working towards the development of the next generation of travel and related ancillary products.

Dominic has been working in general insurance actuarial and analytics roles for over 15 years including corporate and consulting roles as well as being a lecturer and assistant professor in actuarial science at Bond University.

1 Basem Morris - Plenary Committee

Basem is a Director in the Strategy, AI & Transformation team at Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on enabling businesses by using analytics to realise the power of data. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in London where he worked as an independent risk analytics consultant to some of the largest European, Asian and Australian financial institutions. 

Basem’s experience spans analytics, general insurance and banking. Outside of work, Basem enjoys playing, watching, and talking about football (soccer).

Committee Photos  
Fei Huang - Plenary Committee

Fei Huang is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney.  She received BSc in Mathematics from Xiamen University, MPhil in Actuarial Science from the University of Hong Kong, and PhD in Actuarial Studies from the Australian National University. Before joining UNSW, she worked at the Australian National University. 

Fei's main research interest lies in ethical insurance pricing and data analytics. She has applied statistical machine learning technics for various actuarial applications, including mortality modelling, economic forecasting, customer churn analysis, and general insurance pricing.  She has published in top-tier actuarial journals and was awarded the inaugural Carol Dolan Actuaries Summit Prize in 2022.  

Fei is also a dedicated educator and won the ANU Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018 and ANU College of Business and Economics Award for Teaching Excellence in 2017.  Fei is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Andres Villegas - Plenary Committee 

Andrés Villegas is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies and an Associate Investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) where he was previously a Research Fellow.

Andrés completed his doctoral studies at Cass Business School in London focusing on the modelling and projection of mortality. Before his doctoral studies, he obtained an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) and worked as a risk analyst at one of the biggest Colombian life insurance companies.

Andrés’ research interests include mortality modelling, longevity risk management and the application of analytics techniques in actuarial science and finance.
Abhijeet Agarwal- Plenary Committee

Abhijeet Agarwal is an experienced practitioner in the AI, Data and Analytics space, having spent over 16 years in the financial services industry. He has led and delivered various analytics transformation projects, and helped companies develop their data and analytics strategy.

Abhijeet has also been immersed in the crypto space, including in-smart contract platforms, defi, NFTs, DAOs, layer 2 scaling solutions and insurance protocols.

Kriti Khullar_Photo
Kriti Khullar - Plenary Committee

Kriti is a Risk Intelligence Insights Lead at IAG with experience in provisioning, stress testing, credit risk portfolio reporting, risk data, risk systems, risk infrastructure, risk applications, and divisional and enterprise-wide risk reporting for executive and Board audiences.

She is an associate actuary with a keen interest in applying data analytics and intelligence tradecraft to hone the future of risk management.

Untitled-10 Sarah Duncan
Events Manager and Team Leader
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Bryana Edwards
Events Coordinator
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