Challenging DATA ETHICS 

In this wide-ranging discussion, an elite panel of industry and academic leading experts with backgrounds in everything from philosophy to economics, law and actuarial will discuss how to use data for good. They’ll look at the ethical challenges, at discrimination, fairness and efficiency and at who gets to decide what the ‘good’ in ‘data for good’ really means.

  • Professor Kimberlee Weatherall – Professor of Law, The University of Sydney/Chief Investigator – ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making Society
  • Chris Dolman – EM, Data and Algorithmic Ethics, IAG
  • Professor Seth Lazar – Professor, School of Philosophy, ANU
  • Michael Fermor, Senior Manager — Insurance Strategic Insights, Data Analytics and Insights, AP
  • Session Chair: Fei Huang, Senior Lecturer in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney
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What’s happening in the world of data regulation? This session looks at the big data issues, here and globally, including CDR, GDPR privacy and more. With a focus on the practical challenges of regulation, it’s designed to help actuaries and their fellow data scientists stay up to date with the legislation and regulation they’ll deal with every day. 

  • Professor Peter Leonard – Principal, Data Synergies Pty Limited, Professor of Practice, UNSW Business School – View presentation
  • Jill Berry – CEO, Adatree
  • Session Chair: Abhijeet Agarwal, Executive Manager at Quantium – View presentation
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KEYNOTE SESSION: Current Data Landscape & What’s Next?

What are the most important innovations in the data space? The coolest and most innovate use cases, techniques and technologies that are rewriting today's data playbook. This session will provide an overview of the current data landscape and what is next on the horizon, from ground-breaking applications of data to risk and challenges we need to consider - all with an emphasis on how data professionals can put these advances to work every day. 

  • Session Chair: Basem Morris, Director Strategy, AI & Transformation at Deloitte Consulting
  • Dr. Ian Oppermann, NSW Government Chief Data Scientist and Industry Professor at UTS
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We can all picture the complete professional – the skilled but sensitive doctor, the forensic but persuasive lawyer. But what does the perfect data professional look like? Both now and in the future? What are employers looking for in data professionals? And what can data experts learn and leverage from other professions? This session examines the skillsets and mindsets of exemplary data professionals. 

  • Ron Richman – Chief Actuary, Old Mutual Insure (South Africa) – View presentation
  • Jas Singh – Managing Director, SKL Actuarial – View presentation
  • Dr Theresa Anderson – Data & Information Ethicist
  • Jim Guszcza – Research Affiliate – Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences – Stanford
  • Session Chair: Dominic Roe, Actuary and Underwriter at Cover-More Group
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