Young Actuaries Advisory Board

The Actuaries Institute continues to promote greater diversity and inclusion. One of the ways this can be achieved is through the Young Actuaries Advisory Board (YAAB) - a forum for the Board to hear from young members directly. 

This structured young members' body will also allow collaboration between members located in different states and overseas, thus increasing engagement amongst younger members both local and abroad.

Young members are defined as members who are less than 35 years or have less than 15 years’ experience in the profession.


Lucy Jing
Chair, Young Actuaries Advisory Board

Lucy is a Director in the valuation team at Pacific Life Re with extensive experience in the Life and Wealth Management industry through her current role and prior consulting roles. She is passionate about building high performing teams and people development, and with YAAB she hopes to help drive better support for young actuaries moving through their career. 

Ryan Starkey
Ryan Starkey
Deputy Chair, Young Actuaries Advisory Board

Ryan is a Senior Consultant at Quantium, specialising in pricing and data analytics consulting for personal and commercial lines insurers. As the Chair of YAP Queensland, Ryan’s focus is to connect young actuaries with the actuarial profession to support their career development through networking, mentoring and learning. Ryan is passionate about improving the experience for young members, previously volunteering on the working group in 2020 to establish the first YAAB. He is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute and sits on the Queensland Actuarial Community Organising Committee.

Andrew Newbound  Andrew Newbound
Chair YAP, New South Wales

Andrew is a Senior Actuarial Advisor at Suncorp, leading the development of cutting-edge pricing solutions for home and motor insurance. He is passionate about ensuring that insurance products and premiums best meet the needs of customers and stakeholders in evolving environments. As the Chair of YAP NSW, he is eager to help young actuaries flourish in their careers.

Profile Picture_Alyssa Dai  Alyssa Dai
Co-Chair YAP, Victoria

Alyssa works as a senior actuarial consultant at EY Melbourne, advising clients in the area of banking and capital markets. Alyssa is a qualified Fellow of the Actuaries Institute and has been involved in volunteering with the Institute since 2021.

As the Co-Chair of YAP VIC, Alyssa is passionate about helping younger actuaries develop their careers by creating opportunities for professional development, networking and knowledge sharing.

Profile Picture_Oliver Yeung  Oliver Yeung
Co-Chair YAP, Queensland

Oliver, a passionate Actuarial Analyst at Deloitte, embarked on his actuarial career in 2023 after accumulating 12 years of experience as a registered pharmacist. With a keen interest in the health sector, he is eager to leverage his actuarial skills to contribute to social outcomes and enhance societal well-being.

As the Chair of YAP Queensland, Oliver is dedicated to cultivating connections among young actuaries and supporting their career development through networking, mentoring, and continuous learning, fostering growth within the Queensland community.

Additionally, he strives to facilitate connections with interstate colleagues, promoting a friendly and collaborative environment that extends beyond regional boundaries. Concurrently, he is also diligently working towards achieving professional recognition through the Institute of Actuaries’ education programme.

Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet is an Actuary consulting insurance and government clients in PwC's Actuarial & Analytics team, with prior experience across pricing and reserving in the general insurance industry. As the President of YAP VIC, he's excited to help guide younger actuaries in making informed career decisions..

Amelia Mills
Amelia Mills

Amelia joined YAAB in 2023. She is currently working as a health insurance actuary at Bupa, after previously working in consulting at Deloitte. Amelia is a qualified Fellow and is passionate about ensuring the adaptability and longevity of the actuarial profession. She wants to help young actuaries to feel more empowered within the profession and to branch into new areas in which the actuarial skill set and brand can add value. Outside of work Amelia enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.
Sophia Songberg

Sophia Songberg

Sophia is a Senior Associate at Scyne Advisory in Sydney. She is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute and works in health analytics and workers compensation.She was part of the UNSW Actuarial Co-op Program.

Sophia is excited to get involved in improving experiences for younger members, via representing their voices, assisting in communication and helping in the running of events. Outside of work, Sophia enjoys dancing, especially ballet.

Ruvinda Nanayakkara
Ruvinda Nanayakkara

Ruvinda is an accomplished actuary with a passion for solving problems and tackling challenges. Originally from Sri Lanka, Ruvinda became interested in the actuarial profession after a chance encounter with an actuary at a family function. With a love for math and a desire to try something different, Ruvinda set out to become an actuary, ultimately leading to a successful career with experience as a consulting actuary, quant analyst, and product and innovation specialist. In his current role, Ruvinda is responsible for product innovation at Spirit Super and has played a pivotal role in designing new retirement income products. Ruvinda is a firm believer in taking risks and trying new things, knowing that the knowledge gained from these experiences is invaluable.
 Aidan Nguyen Aidan Nguyen

Aidan Nguyen is an actuary working in policy who is passionate about aligning and improving the financial wellbeing for all. He currently works on superannuation topics at the Financial Services Council to advocate for better superannuation policy and the use of effective regulation. He joined the Financial Services Council from EY where he spent four years as a consultant to the Life Insurance and Wealth Management industries.


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A message from President Hoa Bui on the Young Actuaries Advisory Board (YAAB)  

Virtual Information Session




The Actuaries Institute and Board continue to encourage greater diversity and inclusion for professional and institute matters, this should include more representation by young members in the work that is performed by the profession. Young members should take the lead in promoting this greater involvement of young members.

The Young Actuaries Advisory Board is a forum for young members to advocate with the Board. The YAAB’s aim is to:

  • Assist young members access the Institute through more targeted communication with young members
  • Acts as the voice of the young members in the profession and advise the Board on matters relating to young members
  • Assist the Institute with its education and CPD strategy
  • Assist the Institute in promoting the actuarial career to potential new entrants to the profession

A structured young member’s body will also allow collaboration between members located in different states and overseas, thus increasing engagement amongst younger members both local and abroad.

In the next year the YAAB will:

  • Fill its volunteer positions
  • Develop and recommend a communications strategy aimed at young members
  • Act as a sounding board to assist the Institute, the Board and relevant committees in understanding the opinions, concerns and issues regarding young members, including education matters
  • Coordinate the state based Young Actuaries Program and annual Young Actuaries Conference
  • Develop a detailed strategy for future years.