2018 Presidential Address

John Evans, Actuaries Institute President penned his Presidential Address in early 2018.
Titled 'Globalisation of the profession - threats and opportunities', John discusses the various challenges the Institute and the profession faces and proposes some solutions. 

Issues include:

  • Globalisation of the actuarial profession.
  • New work roles for members of the profession.
  • Governance of the Actuaries Institute.
  • Conduct risk.
  • Education.
  • The Actuaries Institute’s lack of scale.
  • Welcome and engage with change.
  • Identify our strengths and work to manage our weaknesses.
  • Recognise scale and growth is a challenge.
  • Position ourselves for the globalisation of the profession that is already underway.
  • Evolve a governance model that supports the ambitions and expectations of the profession.

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