Explore how actuaries shape the world

As an actuary, you're not just crunching numbers - you're well-paid and have access to global opportunities.

Imagine yourself as a Chief Risk Officer, influencing major decisions, or as a policy maker shaping the future. Dive into the exciting world of data science, or make a real difference through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, healthcare, or community services.

Being an actuary isn't just a job; it's an adventure in making a positive impact. 

Group study

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Work while you study 

This hands-on approach allows you to develop essential skills that are
crucial for your growth within the industry. 

Learn from the success of others

Read the case studies below which provide a comprehensive
deep dive into different career possibilities.

Build your network

Mingle at Insight Sessions, major events, and the Young Actuaries Program to connect with peers and leaders who can influence your career positively. 
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Land a career-defining role 

Via our job board with a diverse range of roles, from graduate to senior level across a range of sectors, the Jobs Board offers the chance to elevate your career with employers who recognise your value.  

Career case studies 

With endless possibilities at your fingertips, starting your actuarial career journey can seem overwhelming. To inspire and guide you, dive into the case studies below. These compelling stories illustrate how other actuaries have successfully navigated their paths, turning opportunities into fulfilling careers. Let their journeys spark your imagination and propel you toward designing your own career. 

Jeffrey Chan
Data Science and Technology

"We always face random questions or challenges that no one has solved before."

Jeffrey Chan FIAA
Senior Principal, Proposition Analytics


"You can take on many different types of leadership and non-actuarial roles by applying your skillset, which makes for an exciting career ahead of you."

Laura Wood FIAA
Head of Reinsurance
Youi Insurance

Laura Wood

Ray Bennett
Life Insurance

"I’ve worked all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica."

Raymond Bennett FIAA
Currently on sabbatical

General insurance

"Our skillset straddles business and data analytics, which is very valuable in today’s data-rich world."

Simone Collins FIAA
Chief Actuary
Picnic Labs

Simone Collins

Sustainability and environment

"I'm a person bringing actuarial methods to new spaces."

Sharanjit Paddam FIAA
Principal – Climate Analytics


"One career highlight was transitioning to management consulting, where I brought my soft and transferable skills into my new career."

Heena Shah FIAA
Ameyaa Advisory 

Heena Shah

George Nassios
Banking and investments

"Actuaries have the ability to quantify a situation so that there is comfort in the way forward."

George Nassios FIAA
Metrics Credit Partners 

Risk management

"Actuaries are financially savvy, technology savvy and have a mindset of continuous learning." 

Kriti Khullar AIAA
Lead Risk Intelligence Insights

Kriti Khullar