Accident Compensation Seminar

Monday 2 April 2007

Chair and Presenter Briefing

Plenary 1

Economic Issues Impacting Accident Compensation Schemes


Keynote Speaker

The Hon. Tim Holding MP

Plenary 2

Aging Population and Accident Compensation
Joh Walsh, Anne-Marie Feyer


Cross Fertilisation Opportunities for CTP, Workers Compensation and Medical Indemnity Claims Management
Lori Callahan, Sarah Butler, Mary Maini, Lisa Clarke, Len Boehm

Concurrent 1

NSW CTP and LTCS Schemes
David Bowen
Paper Presentation

QLD Workers Compensation Scheme

The Impact of Tort Reform: An Update
Tort Reform Working Group, Estelle Pearson, Ruth Lisha
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 2

QLD CTP Scheme
John Hand

SA Workers Compensation Scheme
Ian Rhodes

Technical Development of Appropriate Claims File Loads
Aaron Cutter, Peter Rose
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 3

Combining GLM and Data-Mining Techniques for Modelling Accident Compensation Data
Peter Mulquiney
Paper Presentation

Development of a Standardised Measure of Return-to-Work in Workers Compensation
Brian Chu, Prof Piet De Jong
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 4

Latent Claims Review
Jefferson Gibbs, Daniel Smith
Paper Presentation

Creating a More Service Focused Industry
Len Boehm
Paper Presentation

Whiplash Claimants Health Outcomes and Costs Pre and Post the 1999 NSW CTP Legislative Reforms
Sarah Johnson, Anne-Marie Feyer
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 5

Actuarial Projections for Mesothelioma: An Epidemiological Perspective
Mark Clements

Workers Compensation – Workers Compensation Facilitator and Barrister to Return to Work Following Workplace Injury – The Strength and Deficiencies of the Research Literature
Greg Murphy
Paper Presentation

Game Theory and Australia's CTP Markets
Colin Priest, Bill Konstantinidis, Richard Mayo
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 6

Individual Claims Modelling of CTP Data
Grainne McGuire
Paper Presentation

Workers Compensation – ACC NZ Funding Shocks to New Zealand's ACC Scheme
Gavin Pearce
Paper Presentation

Comparison of Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury Compensation Under Various Schemes in Australasia
Aaron Cutter
Paper Presentation

Plenary 2

Superimposed Inflation Working Group
Estelle Pearson, Chas Beynon
Paper Presentation

Do Schemes Need an Approved Actuary?
Lisa Simpson

Panel Discussion

Do Accident Compensation Schemes need an Approved Actuary?
Ton Coleman, Lisa Simpson, Geoff Vogt, John Trowbridge, Rob Thomson

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Plenary 3

Australia vs The Rest of the World: How Do Statutory Insurances Match Up?
John Hunter

Workers Compensation Schemes Comparison
Julie Evans

CTP Schemes Comparison
Matthew Gold

Concurrent 7

WA CTP Scheme
Fab Zanuttigh

NSW Workers Compensation Scheme
Rob Thomson

Cost Benefits of Addressing Employees Health and Well Being in the Workforce
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 8


VIC CTP Scheme
Paul O'Connor

ACC NZ Scheme
Wayne Anderson

Statistical Case Estimation for Long-Term Claimants
David Gifford, Mitchell Prevett
Paper Presentation

Concurrent 9

SA CTP Scheme
Geoff Vogt

WA Workers Compensation Scheme
Chris White

Self Insurance: Getting the Best Out of Regulations
Win-Li, James Sullivan

Concurrent 10

TAS CTP Scheme
Peter Roche, Philip Livingston

VIC Workers Compensation Scheme
Peter McNally

Gala Dinner

Plaza Royale

Wednesday 4 April 2007

Plenary 4

Accident Compensation in a Legal Environment

The Background to Litigation Funding in Australia
John Walker
Presentation Paper

The Impact of LTCS in NSW on the Legal Component of CTP Claims
Andrew Stone

Plenary 5

Creating an Industry Database: A Medical Indemnity Perspective
Ellen Edomons-Wilson

Nanotechnology and Implications for OH&S
Dr Sam Bruschi

Plenary 6

Opportunities for Harmonisation in State Workers Compensation Schemes
Elaine Collins, John Meacock
Paper Presentation

National Workers Compensation and OHS: The "Comcare Option"
Bruce Watson, Rod McInnes
Paper Presentation

Panel Discussion

Closing Remarks

Fred Rowley, Institute President