We are committed to advancing the actuarial profession through our support and sponsorship of research and have established a Research Council Committee, which is responsible for determining the Institute’s research agenda and strategy.

Research Council Committee

The Research Council Committee, in consultation with the Practice Committees, coordinates current and future actuarial research with the needs of the profession and global economic trends.

The Research Council Committee is responsible to Council for coordinating working parties, facilitating roundtable discussions and forums, and encouraging external research that advances the actuarial profession through a number of initiatives, including Actuarial Research Grants and Awards and Prizes.

As such, the primary objectives of the Research Council Committee are to:

  • oversee development of the Actuaries Institute's research activities, namely its research support strategy and research support program, with the objective that the Institute's research support strategy becomes seen as good practice relative to international practice;
  • articulate a framework by which Institute research activities can be assessed and managed;
  • facilitate research activities that support and promote the profession;
  • stimulate members' interest in, and capacity for, research and encourage their participation in research-related activities, including promoting the need for, and value of, relevant types of research to members;
  • oversee the promotion of actuarial research and the Institute's research activities, and as appropriate, to seek to have knowledge of, link with, and leverage from actuarial research programs being undertaken by other professional actuarial organisations, both nationally and internationally;
  • oversee and award Institute prizes relating to research activities; and
  • perform any other role which Council may from time to time delegate to it, in a manner consistent with Institute policy as laid down from time to time by Council.

For mote information on the Research Council Committee, see the complete Terms of Reference