Subjects and Syllabus

The Part II program will be replaced by a new Associateship program in 2020.

Part II currently consists of:

  • Part IIA - The Actuarial Control Cycle; and
  • Part IIB - Investment and Asset Modelling

We do not teach or examine the existing Part II program, but students may gain exemptions by studying at one of the accredited universities.

The Associateship program to be launched in 2020 comprises four subjects, two of which will be delivered by accredited universities (Actuarial Control Cycle and Core Data and Statistical Analysis), and the other two by the Institute (Asset Management and Communication, Modelling and Professionalism).


Associateship Image

For more information about transition arrangements for Associateship, see the transition page.

wayS to study the associateship program

Seven Australian universities currently offer accredited education programs that cover the Institute's Part II syllabus. These universities are expected to offer subjects from the new Associateship program in 2020:

Australian National University
Curtin University
Macquarie University
Monash University
The University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
Bond University