Exam FAQs

How will the exams operate?

You will access your exams through the Learning Management System (LMS) (Canvas or Moodle) which you will be familiar with.

Prior to commencing your exam you will sign on to the LMS to complete online authentication.
  • This is to verify you as the candidate and will be conducted via an online authentication and proctoring service.
  • You will need to have a photo ID credential with you, e.g. passport or driving licence.
  • It is expected this process will take a few minutes and we recommend that you sign on to the system 15 – 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
  • Further details will be provided in the candidate instructions which you will receive well in advance of the exam.
  •  Following authentication, you will return to the LMS and, at the exam start time, the paper will be available as a PDF for you to download.
  • You will need to answer your exam using MSWord and Excel and include your candidate number.
  • Your answer sheets need to be uploaded to the LMS at the end of the exam.

We highly recommend that you save the exam paper and regularly save your responses on your hard drive.

What time will the exams be held?

Actuary Program, Fellowship Program and Part III exams will start at 11.00 am (AEST Sydney), this will be confirmed.   If you are not located in Sydney you need to check the commencement time of your exam carefully.

CAP exams will start at 9.00 am Sydney time or 9.00 am Singapore time or 9.00 am London time.  You will be advised of your start time with your joining instructions.

What happens if I am overseas in a different time zone, can I vary the start time?

We regret that we are unable to offer any candidates alternative start times and recommend you check the start time in your location carefully. 

How long will I have for the exam?

Other than for CAP (see below) the standard exam time is 3 hours and 15 minutes (previously allocated as reading time).  To accommodate the changed exam environment, you will be given an additional 30 minutes (total time of 3 hours 45 minutes) to complete the exam. You will then have 15 minutes to upload your answer scripts.


The total exam time will be 8 hours and 15 minutes and there will then be 15 minutes allocated to upload your answer scripts.

The usual break periods are

Morning Tea:           10.30 - 10.45 am

Lunch:                       12.30 - 1.30 pm

Afternoon Tea:         3.00 - 3.15 pm

It is not compulsory to take a break, but candidates are advised to take a short break and have food and drink readily available.  If you leave your desk for food and/or bathroom breaks, you should make a record of this.

What are the technical requirements to enable me to sit the examination?

Full details of the technical requirements for the examinations can be found in our Online Exams Minimum System Requirements document.

What should I do if I do not have access to the necessary computer equipment, software or internet connection, to enable me to sit the examination?

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required equipment and software to enable you to sit the exam.  If you believe you will be unable to meet the requirements you should contact the Education Team and consider whether you need to withdraw from the exam as soon as possible.

What if I need to hand write formulaS in my response?

In some subjects there may be a requirement  for handwritten answers, e.g.formulas, these will need to be scanned or photographed and uploaded – specific instructions will be provided prior to the exam date if this option is available to you.

Can I test the system?

We will be giving all students the opportunity to test their equipment and the  authentication and exam process well in advance of the exam.  Further details will be communicated to students.  

It is strongly recommended that you take this opportunity to test your equipment and internet connection as well giving you familiarity with the process, which will reduce possible anxiety on the exam day.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are able to sit the exam.

When will I receive my candidate instructions?

You will receive joining instructions at least two weeks before the examination date. This will give you sufficient time to carry out pre-examination checks to test whether your computer equipment will work on the day of the examination.

What are the materials that I will be able to use during the online examinations?

In line with our Assessment Policy you will be provided with an electronic copy of the Core Readings and text book.

Will I be allowed my mobile phone?

You may not access your phone in the normal course of events and this will be monitored during the online proctoring. However, we recommend that you have your mobile phone with you, as this will be a potential method of contacting you if there are any problems.  Similarly, you may contact us using the phone if you are experiencing issues.

Where can I sit the exam?

We recommend you sit the exam in a quiet, well lit, space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the exam and where there will be no one else in the room.  You must not speak to anyone during the exam and ideally will not move from your desk area as this will be flagged by the online proctoring system.  If you do need to take a bathroom break we recommend you record the time of the break.

Can I sit my exam in my employer’s office?

You may choose to sit your exam in an office.  If there will be more than one person in the room then you must organise for a human invigilator to sit in the room throughout the exam and must have applied for and received approval from the Institute three weeks before your exam. To get a copy of the application form and relevant details please contact the Education Team

We strongly recommend testing the exam environment in the office as there may be firewalls or similar which will impact your ability to download the exam and access information or the internet.  The Institute cannot provide technical support in these circumstances.

Is the exam platform stable, what testing HAS BEEN done?

The exams are offered through the LMS systems which we use for assignments, and the process is well tested.  These platforms are used globally and are well able to support the Institute’s candidate numbers.  Significant testing of the Institute’s exam system has also been performed.

Will there be a higher risk of misconduct by delivering the exams remotely?

To maintain the integrity of our exams, we are taking enhanced security measures.  

As mentioned above there will be an authentication process to ensure student identity is verified prior to sitting the exam.  In addition, there will be automated proctoring, where students and their screens will be recorded and unexpected behaviour will be flagged for future review if necessary.  Examiners will scrutinise exam ‘scripts’ for possible cases of collusion.

You are all reminded that all members of the Actuaries Institute are bound by the Code of Conduct. Any finding of examination misconduct could result in you being denied the ability to sit exams for three years and put your career at risk. 

All students will be required to complete a declaration that the scripts they submit are all their own work.

What is considered misconduct?

Students are well aware of general misconduct around exams and should consider what it means to be a professional actuary and the standards expected of them.  Some areas which would be clearly misconduct include

  • Collaboration with another person (student or actuary) on the content of the exam.
  • Providing information to other students.
  • Accessing material which is expressly not allowed during the exam e.g. mobile phone only to be used when there are identified problems.
  • Copying material directly from the internet or course materials.

What happens if my computer equipment or internet connection fails before my examination starts?

Contact the Actuaries Institute Support Team, who will make alternative arrangements as required.

What happens if my computer equipment or internet connection fails during my exam?

If you experience systems issues (e.g. internet connectivity or electricity failure) during your exam, we recommend that if possible you continue to complete the exam to the best of your ability and save your script at the end of the exam time (it will be date and time stamped).  If possible you should then upload your exam.  If this is not possible then contact the Support Team and organise to send your response in an alternative way.

If you are unable to continue the exam at any point then you should contact the Support Team and seek advice.  In some cases, the team may be able to extend the period of the exam for you. 

You should keep a log of such issues and the start and finish times for any incidents, and, where possible take screenshots of the interruption as evidence.

Reporting problems to the Support Team will not be considered as a Request for Special Consideration.  To be considered for Special Consideration under the Special Consideration Policy  you will need to apply after the exam. 

What happens if I am unable to upload or am late in uploading my exam script at the end of the exam?

You should work on your answers until the end of the exam time as you will be given an additional 15 minutes to upload your script.  If you do not upload within the required time then the system will not accept your answers.  Scripts more than half an hour late, without prior agreement, will not be marked.

What happens if the Actuaries Institute system fails?

The Actuaries Institute has tested the system and does not anticipate failure, but in the case where you cannot access the LMS we will have in place a  mechanism for emailing exams and the course notes.  In this circumstance  emailed responses will be allowed up to a nominated time. If we are unable to email you we will contact you by SMS and will make alternative arrangements as required.

What Support will there be on the day of my exam?

The Actuaries Institute will have help and support available to you before and during the exam and, in addition, there will be online chat support from the proctoring service.

When will the exam results be released?

 The exam results will be released according to the timetable here.