Foundation Program

CM and CS subjects
$779 per subject
CB subjects
$657 per subject
$300 per subject
Course Materials & Textbooks Foundation Program Available from ActEd (UK) please visit their website for specific pricing.

Actuary Program

Communications, Modelling and Professionalism  $3,100
Asset and Liability Management  $3,100
Course Materials  $250
The Actuarial Control Cycle
Data Analytics Principles
Delivered through the accredited universities please contact them directly for detailed course fees

$300 per subject


Fellowship Program

Module 1 Health and Care Examination

Examination Fee (UK SP1 Examination)

Private Health Insurance Online Course

 $810 (member)
 $972 (non-member)
Course 7A – Enterprise Risk Management 
Examination Fee (UK SP9 Examination)  $962
ERM Workshop (Associates and Students - GST exempt)  $900
ERM Workshop (Fellows - GST is applicable)   $990
ERM Workshop (Non-member – GST exempt)  $1,080
Course Materials IFOA UK Developed SP Examinations Available from ActEd (UK) please visit their website for specific pricing. 
LIRV – Life Insurance and Retirement Valuation
 Course Fee $3,250 
LIRPD – Life Insurance and Retirement Product Development
 Course Fee  $3,250
 Course Materials  $250 (GST exempt)
 Course 3A – General Insurance
 Course Fee   $2,300
 Textbook  $180 (Actuarial Practice of General Insurance
 Course 3B – General Insurance
 Course Fee  $2,300
 Textbook  $180 (Actuarial Practice of General Insurance
GIHV - General Insurance and Health Valuation
Course Fee  $3,250
Course Materials  $250 (GST exempt)

GIHPPA – General Insurance and Health Pricing and Portfolio Analytics

Course Fee  $3,250
Course Materials  $250 (GST exempt)
Course 5A – Investment Management and Finance
Course Fee  $2,300
INV - Investments
Course Fee  $3,250
Course Materials  $250 (GST exempt)
LIA – Life Insurance Applications
Course Fee  $3,250
Course Materials  $285 (GST exempt)
SRA – Superannuation and Retirement Applications
Course Fee   $3,250
Course Materials  $285 (GST exempt)
DAA - Data Analytics Applications
Course Fee  $3,250 
Course Materials  $250 (GST exempt)
Course 10 – Commercial Actuarial Practice
Full Course Fee - 1st time students includes the residential course $2,900
Examination and Post Course Assignment 
(Repeat Students Only)
One session residential course attendance (repeat students only)  $500

All students will have access to a soft copy of the course notes in the Learning Management System once enrolled into a course, however students can purchase a hard copy of course material.

Australian Students please note: ONLY Course materials are exempt from GST.
GST will apply for any textbooks ordered.