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Update your professional skillset in a time of rapid change in business, technology and society.

The Actuaries Institute offers a selection of online, tailored, certification-style courses to elevate your skills over the shortest possible time.  

Our microcredentials contain all the rigour and depth of our Education Program subjects. Gain training in the latest commercial practices, legislative and regulatory impacts, unlock access to industry speakers and earn CPD points.

Why complete a microcredential with us?

Designed by actuaries for actuaries, our microcredentials allow you to tailor your learning to your evolving career goals, while earning CPD points and keeping up-to-date with your industry.

Here's why you should study with us:

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Upskill in the latest Australian regulatory and legislative practices.

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Course materials updated every Semester.

Delivered online

Delivered 100% online to fit with busy work schedules.

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Connect with other Fellows through our Canvas platform.

About our micocredentials

Our online microcredentials are extensive courses of study, equivalent to an Education Program subject, which deliver a professional level of insight and knowledge.

They are designed with optional formal assessment requirements to enable you to tailor the level and intensity of study to meet your needs. Because they are designed by actuaries for actuaries, the skills you learn will fit seamlessly into the way you work every day.

Choose your microcredential path:

You can choose from three main levels to complete your microcredential.


  • Both the Professional Certificate and the Certificate feature assessment tasks which test and validate your learning. They're your best option if you’re interested in developing your skills and techniques and using them every day.
  • You can complete the Course by attending tutorials and engaging with the learning modules – without completing assessments. The course is ideal if you have limited time and want to gain a high-level overview of the topic.

Choose your microcredential

Data Science Applications (Semester 1 and 2)

Upskill with the newest insights on data science, including ethical considerations, and practical business applications. Get the latest data science tools and practices and enhance your analytical capabilities, risk assessment accuracy, and decision-making abilities.

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General Insurance Applications (Semester 1 and 2)

Get insights and trends into the General Insurance commercial and legislative environments, regulations, and financial reporting standards. You'll learn interpretations and applications of the latest prudential and professional standards and reporting under the new accounting standard, AASB-17. 

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Life Insurance Applications (Semester 1 and 2)

Get a deep understanding of the legal, regulatory, and professional frameworks that govern the Life Insurance industry. You'll also receive interpretation and applications of the latest prudential and professional standards and reporting under the new accounting standard, AASB-17. 

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Superannuation and Retirement Applications (Semester 1)

Develop your understanding of the Australian superannuation industry and actuarial practice. Review the external environment, global longevity funding issues, the role of retirement funds, regulation and the impact of government policies on fund operations and member outcomes.

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Enrolment details

Enrolment in a microcredential is open to qualified actuaries. If you're currently completing your Fellowship Program with the Actuaries Institute or intend to, you should progress through the Fellowship Program principles subjects first, and then enrol in the Applications subject. 

Course cost: $3,555. 

Enrolment dates:

Semester Enrolment  Study dates 
 Semester 1  December/January  22 January - May 2024
 Semester 2  June/July  8 July - October 2024

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