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Monday 11 November 2013

Keynote Address

Sam Bailey Audio Webcast

Plenary 1
Balancing Outcomes

Paul O'Connor

Q & A

Presenter and Chair Briefing – Melinda Howes
Concurrent 1
Considerations in Moving from a Third Party Fault Based CTP Scheme to a First Party Non-Fault Scheme**
Vivian Tse, Peter McCarthy, Merry Tang

Presentation Audio
Making Better Use of Scheme Data**
Aaron Cutter, David Gifford, Natalie Pocock

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Social Capital and Workers Comp – What is this Missing Ingredient?**
Alan Clayton, Mary Wyatt

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Scheme Update – CTP: South Australia and Western Australia
Jerome Maguire, Lew Watts

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Stress and Psychological Injury – How to Compensate
Andrew McInerney

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Concurrent 2
NDIS – Sector Readiness and Implications**
Lorraine Mackin, Mark Bagshaw
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Some Actuarial Issues with the Valuation of Injury Schemes**
Michael Playford

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Support and Compensation – Lessons from Victims of Crime*
Peter Hardy, Ben Edwards, Andrew Ngai, Betty Chan

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Scheme Update – CTP: Queensland and ACT*
Neil Singleton, Tom McDonald

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An Examination of the Legislative Framework Governing Commuter Safety in the Queensland Mining Industry*
Candice Potter, Jeremy Davey, Kerry Armstrong, James Freeman

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Concurrent 3
Opportunities and Challenges in Cross-Jurisdictional Comparison of Compensation Schemes**
Rasa Ruseckaite
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Firefighters' Cancer Risk*
Lisa Simpson, Kathryn Cannon

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Scheme Update – Workers: ACT and Western Australia*
Michael Young, Chris White, Michelle Reynolds

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The Comcare Self-Insurance Option – Mark II**
Andrew McInerney, Mark Hurst

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Concurrent 4
Reinsurance for Injury Schemes**
Ty Birkett

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Thoughts on Evaluation of Injury Prevention Efforts**
Felix Tang

Presentation Audio
TAC Claims Model Transformation – An Update on the Journey
Natalie Pocock, Damien Poel

Paper Presentation Audio
A Relatively Risky Practice: Drivers of Common Law Payments*
Jonathan Cohen, Ash Evans

Presentation Audio
Severe Injury Clients: Lessons for No Fault Insurers and Disability Care Australia*
Maree Dyson

Paper Presentation Audio
Concurrent 5
Mortality Projections for Catastrophic Injuries**
Darryl Frank, David Gifford

Presentation Audio
Australian and International Incentive Programs for New Employers to Hire Workers with a Previous Work-Related Compensable Injury**
Susan Gargett
Presentation Audio
Scheme Update – Workers: South Australia and Queensland

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The ISCRR Evaluation of the TAC 2015 Strategy: Design and Delivery of a Multi-Faceted Research Translation Program**
Michael Fitzharris

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Plenary 2
Health Outcomes

Niki Ellis Presentation Audio Webcast

David Gifford Presentation Audio Webcast

Pam Anders Presentation Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion and Q & A Audio Webcast

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Plenary 3
Disability Care Scheme

John Walsh Audio

David Bowen Audio Webcast

Liz Cairns Audio Webcast

Sarah Johnson Audio Webcast

Peter Martin Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion and Q & A Audio Webcast

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Concurrent 6
A New World: Emerging Experience in a Post-Reform NSW Workers Compensation Scheme**
Roland Fan, Harry Haggith, Gary Jeffery

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The Importance of Claims Management in Injury Schemes**
Natasha Anning, Peter McCarthy

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WorkSafe Actuaries... Traditional? Not really!*
Niki Appleton, Amanda Aitken

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Scheme Update – CTP: Victoria and Tasmania
Bruce Crossett, Christopher Hill

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Concurrent 7
Large Claims Cost in Workers’ Compensation**
Greg Moran, Julie Evans

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Remuneration Models: Achieving a Balanced Outcome Between the Scheme and External Service Providers**
Peter Hardy, Grace Ng

Paper Presentation Audio
The Legal Perspective
Ian Brown
Presentation Audio
Scheme Update – Workers: New South Wales and Comcare
Chris Koutoulas, Bruce Watson

Presentation Presentation Audio
Telematics – Impacts on CTP and WC**
Kaise Stephan, Rick Shaw, Les Coleman

Paper Presentation Audio
Concurrent 8
Sustainability of Common Law**
Geoff Atkins

Paper Presentation Audio
The Role of the Regulator in Injury Schemes**
Andrew Doughman, Bevan Damm, Peter McCarthy

Presentation Audio
A Reinsurer’s View of Bodily Injury Issues, Including European Schemes
Scott Reeves
Presentation Audio
Scheme Update – CTP: New South Wales and NSW Lifetime Care Scheme
Andrew Nicholls, Don Ferguson

Presentation Audio
"Stuck in the Middle": A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Personal Injury Compensation Claims Managers in Three Australian No-Fault Compensation Systems**
Alex Collie

Presentation Audio
Concurrent 9
Medical Rates Benchmarking**
Bevan Damm, Foo Xin, Jennifer Dang

Presentation Audio
‘Insured Focused’ Risk Management – A Trend for the Future?**
Katrina Ren, Laurel Kong

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Study of Physical and Psychological Outcomes Following a Road Traffic Crash (UQ-SUPPORT): 24-Month Follow-up*
Jacelle Lang

Presentation Audio
Scheme Update – Workers: Victoria and Tasmania
Brad Parker, Lynda Young

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Concurrent 10
How Does Your Scheme Perform?**
Vincent Chen, Hardik Dalal

Presentation Audio
Scheme Update – NZ; CTP Scheme Update – Northern Territory
Jonathan Nicholls, Sandra Chapman, Lesley Anderson

Presentation Presentation Audio
Resilience: Risk Mitigation and Remedy for Psychological Injury
Fred Cicchini
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Plenary 4
Implementation and Sustainability

Greg McCarthy Audio Webcast

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Closing Remarks – Senior Vice President Daniel Smith Audio

Concurrent Session Grading

No * No prior knowledge required
** General industry knowledge assumed
*** Technical and/or specific industry knowledge assumed

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Contribution to Business Strategy
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
Valuing Uncertain Future Cash Flow
Risk Management
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