The 2017 CPD Tour kicked off in Melbourne on 6 March followed by Sydney on 15 March and Hong Kong on 10 May.

The last stop for the CPD Tour is Wellington on 3 August!

We are delighted to have David Morrison AO and 2016 Australian of the Year, presenting on Empowering Leadership.

Focusing on the courage, vision and resilience required to be an empowering leader, David will talk about the courage leaders need to implement change, the vision to be able leave the gift of legacy and the resilience required to endure the challenges and criticism faced as a leader.

Named as one of Australia’s leading influences on culture by the AFR  in 2014, and included by Boss Magazine in its top dozen leaders in Australia in the same year, David has the knowledge and experience to ask questions of individuals, SMEs and large multinational companies…are we the best we can be? He also has many of the answers and is looking forward to sharing these on the CPD Tour! 


A firm believer that we lead all through our lives, both personally and professionally, David's insights on empowering leadership speak to a broad audience.  Whether you are starting out in your career or are in a senior position, you will undoubtedly benefit from attending this event. 


Registration is now open for the CPD Tour in Wellington.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain thought-provoking insights and consider your leadership legacy.  Click on the relevant tab above to register.


In a recent Actuaries Digital interview David shared some of his views on leadership and outlined the key themes for his CPD Tour presentation.  You can also take a look at the video below to hear why you should attend.


"You don’t have to run an institution or an organisation, or head a major part of that organisation to be seen as a leader."
"We lead all through our lives."
"I have come to understand that the issues I had to contend with as a military leader are in no real way different from the challenges leaders in every other field of endeavour face."
"How do you think about your leadership, how do you exercise your leadership, how do you shape an organisation, how do you actually make a contribution that will live beyond your tenure?"

- David Morrison AO