Program Snapshot

Thursday 8 June 2017

9.00am Registration Opens

Jenny Lyon
President, Actuaries Institute

Facilitator Comments


Plenary 1 – The Current Balance - Audio

Hon Jillian Skinner - Presentation
Stephen Duckett - Presentation

We live in an era of an ageing population, rapid innovation in medical technology and a society that demands best medical care possible. Australian heath system is fragmented and has many players in it. Any practical solution for a sustainable health system invariably needs to find the right balance where these players coexist to maximise the health and welfare of all Australians. The speakers in this plenary will explore the current balance (or imbalance) in various parts of the Australian health system and how different balances will affect the sustainability of overall health costs and the health outcomes for all Australians.

Leadership Contribution to Business Strategy

Morning Tea

Plenary 2 – Customer Centred Health Care  - Audio

Dr Bastian Seidel - Presentation
Anthony Lowe Presentation
Dr Linda Swan -  Presentation

The Australian health system is a complex organism of multiple funders of both private and public providers. Health care providers - both medical and allied health interact with patients at primary and secondary level but good communication between providers is the sad exception rather than the common rule. Care is fragmented with the patient attending multiple providers across suburbs, cities and even state lines with a high likelihood that no single practitioner has a comprehensive knowledge (let alone responsibility) of the holistic health picture of the individual patient.

This plenary session seeks an understanding of current attempts by government and healthcare providers to establish care that is patient centred, and some patient opinions of their current care experiences.

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1.00pm Lunch

Plenary 3 - PHI Reforms - The Challenges Ahead  - Audio

Dwayne Crombie - Presentation
Matthew Koce -  Presentation
Michelle McPherson -  Presentation

Can reforms deliver the change needed to address the concerns some people have about private health insurance today?  What are the competing visions and how do these reforms attempt to strike the right balance?  Can the industry afford not to reform?  In this current economic and political climate, should we be bold or should we tread carefully?  With the impending announcements of PHI reforms, our speakers will give their reactions, and the challenges that lie ahead.  Join us for what should be a stimulating discussion on how to grab these reforms by the horns to create meaningful and worthwhile change.

Leadership  Contribution to Business Strategy

Afternoon Tea

Plenary 4 - Health Analytics & Big Data - Embracing the Change 

Richard Hurley
Julia Cooper and Margaret Bennett
Mireille Campbell and Sean Heng

Our healthcare system is increasingly awash with data. Data covers every aspect of healthcare from accessibility of services, to quality of care, funding and health outcomes. In this session we will hear from several health analytics practitioners, working in different areas of the system, who will outline their recent work. Including; using analytics to examine clinical pathways of patients with cancer to improve best practice treatment guidelines.

Contribution to Business Strategy   Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving   Product Development, Management and Pricing

Conclusion – Facilitator

Official close – President Jenny Lyon


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 6.30pm Seminar end


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