What does the Royal Commission mean for you as an actuary and what should you do differently in future? As an actuary working in the modern business environment affected by corporate culture, media pressure and societal issues, how can you as a professional effectively deal with ethical dilemmas?

The upcoming CPD Tour is not to be missed as we bring you experts on governance, regulation and your professional duties. This tour has been designed to cater for all members working in traditional/ non-traditional roles and management positions. It is our opportunity to learn from past events and strengthen our profession.

We will discuss learnings and case studies from the Royal Commission and share the perspectives of Royal Commission witnesses and the regulator.

Facilitated by 2019 President, Nicolette Rubinsztein, the CPD Tour will kick-off in Melbourne on 4 March 2019, touring to Brisbane, Perth*, Sydney, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The Tour will be combined with the Presidential Tour. Nicolette will deliver her Presidential Address and give delegates the opportunity to gain insight on the year ahead for the profession.

At the 2019 CPD Tour you will have the opportunity to participate in a forum of honest discussion to explore real issues that affect the profession and the broader financial services industry.

There will be no media at the upcoming CPD Tour and Chatham House Rule will apply for the discussion.

For the CPD Tour events in Australian locations, this event is open to members only.

*In Perth, we will only have 2019 President Nicolette Rubinsztein and CEO Elayne Grace presenting.