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Actuaries Digital | 22 July 2021
2021 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase

The 2021 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase, held virtually on Wednesday 21 July, saw seven teams of volunteer actuaries present their solutions to business problems posed by not-for-profit organisations. With 30 actuaries volunteering their time, the Actuarial Hackathon tackled seven different problems submitted by charities Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Luke Priddis Foundation, Children’s Ground, A Start in Life, BATYR and Climate Council. Read more.


Actuaries Digital | 31 July 2020
2020 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase

Sam Maitra, Organising Committee member and MC for the first online version of the Actuarial Hackathon Showcase, shares the highlights from the event. Read more.


Actuaries Digital | 28 June 2019
2019 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase

Following the highly anticipated 2019 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase,  Emily Law, then-Project Manager on the Hackathon Committee, shares some of the highlights from the night! Read more.


Actuaries Digital | 8 June 2018
2018 Actuarial Hackathon Showcase

The 2018 Actuarial Hackathon saw 18 teams of actuaries solve practical challenges posed by not-for-profit organisations. From rap skills to wigs, it was an insightful, rewarding and entertaining showcase night! Read Angela Poon's report.