Cyber Working Group

The Cyber Risk Working Group of the Actuaries Institute supports actuaries working in roles requiring assessment of, or provision of guidance on, cyber products or cyber related risk. Given the broad nature of cyber-related issues, this is a cross practice working group formed with representatives from both the General Insurance Practice Committee and the Risk Management Practice Committee. 


Evolution of cyber risks and insurance - Presented by Win-Li Toh, Ross Simmonds and Michael Near at the 2021 All-Actuaries Virtual Summit.

Insuring Cyber Risk in 2020 - Presented by Susie Amos and Danielle Casamento at the 2020 All-Actuaries Virtual Summit.
Cyber Risk – A General Insurance Perspective  - Presented by Peter Yeates, Susie Amos and Kitty Ho at the 2018 General Insurance Seminar

Insuring Cyber Risk: An Introduction & More - Presented by Peter Yeates and Dean Marcus at the 2016 General Insurance Seminar

Update to General Insurance Practice Committee Information Note Insurance Concentration Risk Charge - – Other Accumulations Vertical Requirement - This update includes an example of cyber risk from Susie Amos and Danielle Casamento.

Actuaries Digital Coverage

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Insuring Cyber Risk – Concerns about Risk

By Susie Amos and Alina Pettifer, 7 July 2019

Insuring Cyber Risk – Concerns about Coverage

By Susie Amos, 29 June 2019

Insuring emerging cyber risks

By Jeremy Waite and Peter Yeates, 22 February 2016


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