Concurrent Session Synopses


Actuaries: Who do we think we are?
Avanti Patki, Tom Bui Minh and Nathan Colbert

Why “Human Centered Design” Should Matter for Actuaries
Rowan Ming, Louise Bayne Monika Weenink and Tom Bui Minh

How To Grow Your Professional Relevance – and the Relevance of the Profession

Martin Mulcare and Rick Gilmore

How “Scrums” and “Sprints” Can Support the Strategically Focused Actuarial Function
Trang Duncanson, Maria Muir and Darren Robinson

The Actuarial Phoenix?
Lesley Traverso and Jules Gribble 

Insurance Practice

Building Consumer Trust in the Life Industry – Alternative Approaches to Recent Issues
Kim Cohen

Death by Data
Marc Mer and Basem Morris

Developments in ICAAP and ORSA with a Focus on Stress and Scenario Testing
Briallen Cummings, Gerard Callaghan, Georgina Hemmings

Experience Investigations: More than a Regulatory Box-Ticker
Emily Galer and Jason Sun

Further Adventures in Health Risk: An Updated History of Australian Health Insurance
Andrew Gale

Future of Life Insurance
Angat Sandhu and Justin Ward

GI & Life Actuarial Streamlining – Different Sides of the Same Coin
Gloria Yu and Ruth Lisha

Globasliation of the Insurance Capital Standard: Should we be Concerned?
Paul Caputo and Kenneth McIvor

How Can Life Insurers Optimise Customer Outcomes in a Low Yield World?
Mark Griffiths and Nick Symons

IFRS 17 Implications for life and general insurers
Brendan Counsell, Shweta Krishna and Paul Harris

Insuring Cyber Risk – A Collaborative Approach
Susie Amos, Peter Yeates, Dean Marcus, David Xu, Andrew Kwok, Jeremy Waite and Teresa Aquilina

Life Insurance Underwriting in the New World
Elizabeth Baker, Meera Sardana and Nia Reen

Liquid Biopsies and Cancer Detection – Hype or a Milestone in Cancer Detection and Management?
Bill Monday

Man versus Machine – the Rise of the Robo Actuary
Marc Mer, Gloria Yu and Adam Karasiewicz

Mental Health and its Impact on the Insurance Industry
Joshua Martin, Jane Dorter and Michael Dermody

Practical Application of the New International Financial Reporting Standard for Insurance Contracts
John Nicholls

Sharing Economy: Learning from the Giants
Quanyie Tan and Weihao Choo

Living Through Change – LIWMPC’s Update on the Life Insurance & Wealth Management Industry
LIWMPC – Anton Kapel, Ilan Leas, David Millar

Thinking About Life Insurance Through a Genetic Lens
Jessica Chen and Damjan Vukcevic

Strategic Decision Making in a Rapidly Evolving Cyber Risk Environment
Robert Menzies, David Millar


Attracting the Best and Brightest to the Actuarial Profession through Massive Open Online Courses
Adam Butt

Group Insurance – Structures of the Future
Jeff Humphreys

Better Health Outcomes
Caroline Stevenson and Anthony Maher

Body Hacking and the Quest to Cure Death
Greg Solomon

Building Analytical Strength in an Actuarial Team
Genevieve Hayes

Preparing for Climate Change Impacts: Funding Mechanisms
Alison Drill, Kate MacKenzie, Doug Berge, Jon Harwood and Kelly Christodoulou

Public Policy

Actuaries Working to Support Public Policy – Developments in Social Welfare and Beyond
Rosi Winn, Anjali Napoli and Mike Clough

Data driven public policy: an actuarial journey in maternal health
Jananie William

Does E-Innovation Influence Performance Differently? The Case of Varying Levels of Small and Medium Enterprises in Regional Australia
Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka, Khorshed Alam and Retha Wiesner

Fair’s Fair? – An Update on Intergenerational Equity
Richard Lyon

Insuring a Better Disability System Part 2: Transition to Full Scheme
Sarah Johnson

Is Private Health Insurance Affordable in Australia?
Barry Leung

New Solutions for New Problems – Ageing, Health and Retirement Like We’ve Never Seen Before
Stuart Rodger 

Risk Equalisation – Time to Think Differently?
Jamie Reid, Ellen Bruce, Matthew Crane and Kris McCullough

They Need to Smile a Bit More: Perceptions of Actuaries from other Professionals in Non-Traditional Areas
Julia Lessing and Alice Truong 

Risk Management and Governance

Coherent Longevity Capital Framework
Kerwin Gu

Risk Culture – Board and Trustee Perspectives
Sean McGing

Stress Testing – Confluence of the Actuaries and Economists Viewpoints in the New Economic Environment
Sen Nagarahan, Don Johnstone, Martin Lam, Michael Thomas and Kristian Kolding

Financial Services, Risk Culture and the Effective Professional
Tim Gorst


Designing Successful and Resilient Lifetime Retirement Income Products
Cary Helenius and Jules Gribble

Embedding Behavioural Finance in an Investment Management Process
Douglas Isles 

Housing and Retirement Financing: Optimal Time to Buy a Residential Home
Mengyi Xu, Michael Sherris and Adam W. Shao

Retirement Planning and Social Security
Garry Khemka and Adam Butt

Robert Kerr

Stay or Go? The Science of Departures from Superannuation Funds
Nathan Bonarius and Richard Dunn

Trauma Product Developments
Robert Kerr

Member’s Default Utility Function for Default Fund Design
Changyu Estelle Liu, Adam Wenqiang Shao and David Bell