The future is data rich — and actuaries have a crucial contribution to make. We forecast the spectrum of possibilities. We guide others in navigating uncertainty, to make better decisions. To make an impact.

But as a profession, we need to get better at sharing our value. When people understand how we contribute, we’ll have greater influence and solve important problems.

To cut through the noise, actuaries need a consistent story to tell. 

The Institute wants to help you share your value. So, through a robust, research-driven process, we arrived at a new way for all of us to speak about our profession.

 Across every domain where actuaries excel, our research led us to one simple truth:


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In our research, we determined that actuaries use data for good in three key domains:

► C-Suite: shaping the strategic direction of an organisation to secure its future.

► Actuarial Data Lab: doing the deep work, whether it’s in established actuarial fields or emerging areas such as climate risk and data science.

► Public Policy: contributing to conversations about equity, sustainability, and the direction of our society.

You may be drawn to all three domains.  Or you may choose to focus on one domain at this stage in your career.

An approach like this gives us a clear and compelling way to explain what actuaries do and why it matters. 

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