Using data for good in the Actuarial Data Lab

You’re a detail-oriented thinker who is drawn to deep work in data analysis and problem-solving.

You use data for good by providing deep expertise and guiding the responsible use of data across a broad range of industries. 


Making sense of big and small data

  • As an Actuarial Data Lab actuary, you bring technical mastery to make sense of big and small data. Your impact lies in applying this mastery to help guide critical decision making across sectors.
  • You may work in traditional actuarial fields like finance and insurance to emerging big data industries like machine learning, customer analytics or product development.
  • When faced with a problem, you rigorously test hypotheses and use deep analysis to guide action. Your integrity drives you to consider what decisions can be made on the evidence, and with what level of confidence.
  • Using your domain expertise and robust analysis, you help organisations make decisions that drive outcomes.


Victor case study  

Victor Bajanov
Executive, Product Analytics, Quantium

How Quantium’s Actuaries Are Helping Retailers Improve Customer Experience And Reduce Product Waste

“Aligning their range to the customer profiles of each store positions retailers more desirably from a commercial point of view, leading to a more successful, robust business offering a better customer experience.”