3.00 – 5.00pm (AEDT time), 1 March 2022


Behaviour and Reputation

How we behave and act in our personal lives can have effects on our professional lives and vice versa. The behaviour of members can run contrary to their professional experience and potentially damage their businesses’ reputation. In this discussion, we look at the New Zealand experience where there are challenges in a small membership addressing conduct and behaviour. This includes how to appropriately appoint members to disciplinary committees and the recent review of Code of Conduct and Disciplinary procedures.


Data Ethics

Ethical concerns around data are a large subject of conversation all over the world. Speakers share their personal views on hot topics such as privacy, security, reliability, bias and algorithms, and consider what all this might mean for professionals.


  • Chris Dolman – Executive Manager, Data and Algorithmic Ethics, IAG, Sydney
  • Ada Tong – Product Director – Property Data Solutions, Domain, Sydney

The Ethical Role of the Actuary

What is the ethical role of the actuary in the business world? How do actuaries balance the needs of stakeholders while remaining ethical in practice? In this session, speakers discuss how actuaries in different domains approach ethical behaviour and dealing with different ethical expectations between shareholders, distribution, and the customer.