Plenary Overview

Plenary 1 Regulation – Responding to Market Change or Driving it?

Wayne Byres and Guy Debelle are two of the most influential and respected regulators in Australian banking. Hear their views about domestic and international market developments and what their policy responses might be.

Plenary 2 Technological Innovation

Innovative banks are moving rapidly to embrace digital technology to enhance the customer experience and deliver cost savings across the business. Technology is also enabling banks to gather more information and perform deeper analysis. New non-bank entrants also have the potential to disrupt bank services across the value chain.

This session will look at how Australian banks are using new technology to transform their business and examine the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Plenary 3 Australian Mortgage Market – The Best of Times?

This plenary will provide an overview of the current state of the Australian mortgage market from the perspective of one of Australia’s leading bankers. It will focus on the implications of rapid and disparate housing prices across the market, banks responses to fine-tuned regulatory adjustments, and the challenges of facing this change across multiple channels carrying significant momentum.

Plenary 4 The Changing Rules of the Game - Bank Capital and Liquidity

Do banks have sufficient capital? What is that capital sufficient for? Has the risk based approach to capital been a success and should it be allowed to continue? How will the issue of public sector support for systemically important banks be resolved? Are the liquidity and funding risks that banks face now adequately managed? These questions and more are all playing out both domestically and internationally, and will have significant consequences for the economics of the sector and bank strategy.