Information for Presenters


The Virtual Summit will be streamed live using Zoom Webinar and recorded for attendees to watch at a later date if they choose not to watch live.

To see how Zoom works in practice, you can watch a Virtual Insights session here. We will be testing with you in June/July to make sure you are comfortable with Zoom. Here is a full guide to presenting on Zoom.

The sessions will run very similar to a regular Summit session and will have a Chair, attendees and Q&A.

ASAP – Confirm each presenter in your session and send your bio and photo to the Events Team.
June - July 2020 – Webinar testing with Zoom software
Monday 15 June – Publication agreement due
Friday 24 July 2020 – Papers Due
July - August 2020 – PowerPoint presentations due one week before your scheduled session


PowerPoint template
Guidelines for Presenters
Paper Cover Page
Peer Review Form
Guidelines for Authors
Zoom Presenter Guide
Zoom Chair Guide

Keynote and Plenary Speakers