Information for Presenters


The Virtual Summit will be streamed live using Zoom Webinar and recorded for attendees to watch at a later date if they choose not to watch live.

To see how Zoom works in practice, you can watch a Virtual Insights session here. We will be testing with you in June/July to make sure you are comfortable with Zoom. Here is a full guide to presenting on Zoom.

The sessions will run very similar to a regular Summit session and will have a Chair, attendees and Q&A.

ASAP – Confirm each presenter in your session and send your bio and photo to the Events Team.
June - July 2020 – Webinar testing with Zoom software
Monday 15 June – Publication agreement due
Friday 24 July 2020 – Papers Due
July - August 2020 – PowerPoint presentations due one week before your scheduled session


PowerPoint template
Guidelines for Presenters
Paper Cover Page
Peer Review Form
Guidelines for Authors
Zoom Presenter Guide
Zoom Chair Guide