Program Snapshot

Tuesday 24 october 2017

9.30am Registration and morning tea
10.00am Welcome - President, Jenny Lyon

Plenary 1: It’s Time for Business to Act on Climate Risk

Emma Herd – CEO, Investor Group on Climate Change - Presentation
Chair - Tim Andrews, Director, Finity


This session will explain the reasons that financial institutions will be considering on how climate risk may affect them.  Not only does it make good business sense, but regulators, investors and Directors have all been clear about what they expect of business.  The recent report of the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Dislosures ups the ante further by providing recommended climate risk disclosures that companies should consider making to stakeholders.  Whilst these disclosures are voluntary, there are high expectations that they will be acted on.  Its time for business to catch up to the science.


Plenary 2: Delivering Climate Risk Disclosure in the Finance Sector
What Information do we need and why?

Nick Wood - Director, Climate Policy Research
Sharanjit Paddam – Principal, Deloitte
Serena Blanch - Manager, Corporate Responsibility Corporate Affairs, CBA
Chair - Tim Andrews, Director, Finity


The session will examine the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate –related Financial Disclosures from the pragmatic view of what data the finance sector will need to make disclosures. 

The disclosure recommendations acknowledge that climate related impacts can occur over the short, medium and long term and that organisations can experience both chronic and acute impacts.  The panel will discuss how addressing these will require the finance sector to work with many different types of data.

The discussion will conclude with the panellists' view of their own organisation's top three 'data needs.
 11.25am  Break

Plenary 3: What Information and Data are Available Right Now?

Dr Karl Braganza - Head of Climate Monitoring, Bureau of Meteorology - Presentation
John Clarke - Research Team Leader, Regional Projections – CSIRO - Presentation



A comprehensive range of climate data, information and guidance material is already out there and ready to use. In this session, John Clarke from CSIRO and Karl Braganza from the Bureau of Meteorology will shine a light on some of the key sources and how to use them.

 12.25pm Plenary 4: Current and Future Information, Data and Models

Andy Pitman,  Professor, University of New South Wales - Presentation

Chair - John Clarke, Research Team Leader, Regional Projections – CSIRO


The available climate risk data has strengths and weaknesses depending on the planned use of the data. In this session, Andy Pitman from the Climate Change Research Centre will explain the strengths and weaknesses and describe the types of models and techniques that are being worked on to start to bridge the gaps in our knowledge. 
1.00pm  Lunch

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