This year's Data Analytics Seminar returns to Sydney on Wednesday 31 October. Data analytics provides a wealth of opportunities for organisations to deliver innovative customer experiences, interpret complex information and analyse risk. 

The theme 'Reinvigorating the Usual' reflects this opportunity to be innovative and cause data disruption in the modern world. At the Seminar, delegates will have the opportunity to delve into the technical aspects of data analytics, practical uses and future implications for those who want to stay digitally relevant. 

Speakers will discuss: 
  • The data analytics landscape. 
  • Analytics transformation. 
  • Using LightGBM.
  • Data Governance.
  • Model interpretation and explanation.
  • Staying relevant. 
  • Groundbreaking technologies. 

Feedback from previous Data Analytics Seminars:

  • ‘Really enjoyed the day, learn a lot and thoroughly worth the time and money spent attending (and as a contractor, not only did I pay for it myself but more significantly it also cost me a day's lost pay!)’
  • ‘An excellent seminar with a great, high level coverage of key issues’
  • ‘Very informative and interesting’