The second Data Analytics Seminar will be held on 13 September at Institute HQ in Sydney. 

The first half of the Seminar will provide an update on the current state of play in the market, and recent trends in the data analytics field. Our speakers will cover different fields and provide examples of how they are using data. 

In the afternoon, you will be given the opportunity to expand your programming and data analytics skills, through two interactive workshop sessions. We will introduce a broad range of modern predictive learning techniques, including nearest neighbour, neural nets, penalised regression and tree-based ensembles. These sessions will come with worked example code and tutors to assist. The final session of the day will even have you enter a Kaggle competition, with prizes available for the winning entries!

All experience levels are welcome! It would be beneficial if participants are familiar with R or another programming language. If you are new to this area you can learn from your peers or complete a brief introductory R course prior to the seminar. Two possible free online options that take no more than 4 hours to complete are  and

A pre-seminar information pack will be sent to registered participants before the Seminar.


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