Concurrent Sessions


Actuaries in Banking
Nick Scott, Peter Sinkis

Developments in Banking Capital and Liquidity Requirements
David Su, Paul Nuttall

Mortgages – International Perspectives and Trends
Phillip Everett, James Hickey

Customer Environment

The Impact Of Severe Financial Losses
Aaron Bruhn

Data Analytics

How Big Data is Transforming the Competitive Landscape of Business
Melissa Neumaier

Tapping into the Data Revolution to Know Your Customers
Gideon Ratner

Enterprise Risk Management

Borrowing at Negative Interest Rates and Investing at Imaginary Returns
Eric Ranson

Embedding and Deriving Value from an Effective Risk Culture
Paul Caputo

Operational Risk Modelling – What is Currently Possible?
Ben Cooper, Bartosz Piwcewicz, Nic Warren

Risk Culture Leadership, Measurement and Management – A Comparison Across Industries
Sean McGing, Andrew Brown

Risk Engineering
Gloria Yu, Brendan Fehon

Stress Testing in a Changing World
Garreth Sweeney, Anthony Bice

The Systematic Debate Shifts to Insurers – The Likely Implications for Australian Insurers
Rob Curtis

Virtue, Hubris And Risk Culture
Anthony Asher, Victoria Clout, Tracy Wilcox

Health Insurance

A Community-Rated Insurance System for Hospitalisation in the Philippines – A Discreate and Time-Homogeneous Markov Model
Barbara Seitz, Peter Carroll, Mia Pang-Rey, Sachi Purcal, Ivy Suan

Investment and Economics

Actuaries in Investing and Asset Management – Increasing our Influence and Value
Susan Roberts, Ian Patrick, Chris Condon

A New Approach to Multiple Curve Market Models
Rodney Hoskinson

Changes in ALM under LAGIC
Gerard Callaghan, Peter Baker

Investing for the Three Phases of Retirement
Michael Rice

Panel Debate: Actuaries – Scoring Goals in Investment Management
Susan Roberts, Ian Patrick, Chris Condon

Super Risky? – Managing Risk in Investment Strategy and Presenting Risk to Members
Alistair Barker


Actuaries in the Community
Andrew Gale, Jenny Lyon

Life Insurance

ICAAP: One Year On
Briallen Cummings, Rob Curtis

IFRS Insurance – Are You Ready for Disruption?
Peter Baker, Paul Swinhoe

IFRS Insurance ED – A More Useful Lens on Risk Business for Investors and Management
Grant Robinson, Hoa Bui, Brendan Counsel

Chasing Your Tail on TPD Claims – Insights from Injury Schemes
Bozenna Hinton, Richard Yee

LAGIC Methodology Taskforce – Discussion of Draft Information Note
LAGIC Methodology Taskforce

Life Insurance Lapses – Responding to the Challenge
Dale Jackson, Bozenna Hinton

Microinsurance Under the Microscope: Findings from the Philippines
Thomas Englmann, Mia Pang-Rey, Sachi Purcal, Ivy Suan

Panel Discussion – Is MOS Accounting Responsible for the Woes of the Retail Life Industry
Jennifer Lang

Projecting Australian Mortality Using The CMI Mortality Projections Model
Chen Tang, Bridget Browne, Aaron Bruhn

Target Capital Developments
Dan Antioch, John Nicholls

The $2 Trillion Life Insurance Prize in Asia – Will Aussie's Miss Out?
Alan Merten

The Sustainability of the Life Insurance Industry
Brett Clark, Ian Perera, Mark Stewart

Trauma Insurance: Current Challenges and Road for the Future
Barry Rafe, Chao Qiao

Update on the Australian Life Insurance Industry
Life Insurance and Wealth Management Practice Committee

What Claims Management Teams can Learn from Social Workers
Iain Bulcraig


Actuarial Process Improvement
Darren Robinson, Zhan Wang

Actuarial Transformation – The Future Actuary
Kaise Stephan, Caroline Bennet

Finance Action Hero
Peita Diamantidis

Global Mega Trends
Alan Merten, John Nicholls

New Thinking on How to Solve Australia’s Post‑Retirement Challenge
Paul Newfield

The Fourth Pillar – The Role of Home Equity Release in Retirement Funding
Christine Brownfield


Death and Disability Design in a Dysfunctional Group Risk Market
Jeff Humphreys

Defined Benefits – Missing Link or Neanderthal?
Bill Buttler, Tony Miller

Group Insurance – Just How Many Elephants Are In The Room?
Andrea McDonnell, Ashley Palmer, Yan Sun

Is 'Retail Vs Industry' Relevant in a MySuper World?
Paul Schroder, Nicolette Rubinsztein

Mortality of Public Sector Scheme Pensioners 2009-12
Anne Wilson, Richard Boyfield

The Future of Super
Diane Somerville, Peter Larsen