The theme Natural Selection highlights the changing environment within financial services. You have the choice to either survive or thrive, it's time to take action!

At FSF2018 we will explore:

  • lessons learnt;
  • what the future holds; and
  • what will equip you with the insight you require to thrive.

Here, FSF Convenor for 2018 Melinda Howes outlines program highlights and what benefits delegates can expect to gain by attending.

What we will cover

Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Industry in Australia is facing a significant amount of change in the coming years, this stems from a number of issues including a significant number of transactions across the industry, changes to the insurance accounting standards (AASB17), the impact of technology and most recently, the inclusion of the life insurance industry within the scope of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The topics selected for the 2018 Financial Services forum discuss the impact of these changes and explore key issues. The sessions will cover:

  • The impact of lost reputations – do we have a licence to operate?
  • Underwriting and the implications for issues including mental health and genetic testing.
  • Exploring the changing performance of disability insurance and the impact on product design, market cycles and changing patterns of employment (e.g. the gig economy).
  • Strategic and technical implications of AASB 17.
  • The implications of the PJC inquiry into life insurance (pending publications of findings).
  • The future of life insurance and actuaries – this will include the implications of technology, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.


The pace of superannuation change is continuing unabated. Technological disruption. New entrants. Multiple regulatory reviews - Productivity Commission, Treasury (CIPRs), Department of Social Services (means testing CIPRs), the Insurance in Superannuation Working Group, increased powers for the regulator and now a Royal Commission. 

The superannuation stream will bring you a combination of hot topics, thought leaders and deep analysis. You will leave more informed, with deeper insights and confidence about the road forward.   The sessions will cover:

  • The Age Pension - Is it sustainable?
  • Super fund disrupters.
  • MyRetirement - what will happen next?  What will the products look like?
  • Implications of the current Productivity Commission inquiry into superannuation efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Insurance in Super - applying the code of practice.
  • Data analytics in super.
  • Member outcomes - an update from APRA

Banking, Data Analytics, Investment and Wealth Management

Banking, investment, wealth management and data will be covered on day two of the FSF2018 and we have a one day ticket for $880.