Practice Area Plenary Sessions

Broader Fields

Risk Culture and Maturity in Australian Superannuation Funds

Elizabeth Sheedy

Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy provides an interim report on a major research study into large super funds.  Firstly, the session will consider how risk culture should be assessed in superannuation funds. Secondly Elizabeth will present a 5-stage risk management maturity model and her findings on where large Australian funds currently sit. Which are the attributes of risk management maturity that are most challenging?

LIFE Insurance

Future of Disability Income Insurance

Briallen Cummings, Greg Martin, Andrew Linfoot, Adrian Rees

Life Licence to Operate

Emma Curtis

Life on Mars – Some next Steps for Life Insurance

Ilan Leas

This session discusses the soon to be released Dialogue Paper on the future of life insurance which sets out a range of consumer led ideas for government and industry on how life insurance could adapt to meet changing community expectations and risks.

Future of Life Insurance

Brett Clark, Damien Mu


The Aged Pension in the 21st Century

Michael Rice

The Age Pension in the 21st Century looks at the changing dependency of the first Pillar of our retirement incomes system.  It shows how the benefit has evolved over the last twenty years and projects forward over the next twenty.  It recommends changes so that it is better integrated with superannuation and becomes better positioned as a safety net.  

Leveraging Digital Capability to Personalise MyRetirement

Deborah Ralston, Jeremy Duffield

The government's consultation on Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement (CIPR) has created a buzz of active debate. Treasury’s original Discussion Paper specified that the CIPR should be a “mass customised” or standardised default for retirees in super funds to reduce the complexity of decisions making at the point of retirement, through a process of "guided choice”.

This session takes a look at "why everyone is different in retirement" and how standardisation falls short of meeting retirees' needs.

Further, we show how intra-fund digital advice can provide not only guided choice, but improved financial literacy for pre-retirees, to ensure better, more personalised CIPRs. Australian super funds can do better than a "one-size-fits-all" approach to retirement income solutions for members.

Deborah Ralston will talk to her research paper on key differences in Australian retirees. Jeremy Duffield will address how digital solutions can be used to deliver better more personalised outcomes for fund members.

Retirement Incomes: Australia v the rest of the world

David Knox

In this session David will be comparing the retirement incomes produced from different retirement systems around the world, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses and challenges. He will also focus on the role of targeted incomes and the effects of different means tests.