Keynote and Plenary Sessions

Opening Keynote – Embracing the Future

Speaker: Ross Dawson

Facilitator: David Whittle

We live in a time of accelerating change, when the fortunes of companies rise and fall faster than ever before, driven by new technologies, global competition and heightened consumer expectations. We can choose how we respond to these dramatic shifts - in seeing the challenges before us or seizing the opportunities that are arising by embracing the future. What action you can take to create a successful future for yourself, your company and the General Insurance industry?

Closing Keynote – The Ethics Behind AI and Why It Matters to Actuaries

Speaker: Dr Tiberio Caetano

Facilitator: Donna Walker

Automated data-driven decision making is now widespread and is affecting the core functioning of society. From credit scores to dating partners, job recommendations, sentencing decisions and insurance premiums, machines and data are now determining what ought to happen with people. This new world opens numerous ethical challenges related to the fairness, transparency, accountability, purpose, and consequences of such decisions. In this talk, I will discuss the core idea behind what AI is and why it matters to the actuarial profession.

Express Plenary – Talking about Death Won’t Kill You

Speaker: Michelle Knox

With humour and compassion, Michelle shares her own experiences to help others. She is living proof that talking about death won’t kill you.

Plenary 1 – Trust and the Consumer - Power to the People

Speakers: Michelle Innis, Ian Laughlin, Vaughan Chandler, Bettina Pidcock

Facilitator: Jefferson Gibbs

The days of insurance companies dictating the terms for how they interact with customers are over. The dial has moved from what sells best to what is most needed. People now buy insurance from a company they trust, and a company that listens. How do you build trust? What do insurers need to do to prepare themselves to operate in an environment where the power very much rests with the people? What do customers now expect?

Plenary 2 - Data Led-Innovations in the Insurance Value Chain

Speakers: Hayley Cain, Daniel Cooper, Mary Maini

Facilitator: Anthony Tockar

The pace of innovation with data has been frenetic over the past few years. New technologies and techniques are being applied to a wide range of business problems with tangible value. This panel showcases those who are on the frontline of these innovations, reinventing and reshaping the way we do business in general insurance.

Plenary 3 – The Financial Services Royal Commission

Speakers: Neville Owen, Estelle Pearson, Tony Coleman, Kate Harrison

Facilitator: Barry Rafe

Royal Commissions have long lasting legacies. What have we learned so far from the current Royal Commission and from previous Royal Commissions? What are the potential implications for how business is and should be conducted? These questions will be explored from different perspectives, including from an actuary, a consultant and community expectations.

Plenary 4 – Ethics and Leadership

Speakers: Helen Rowell, Anthony Asher, Attracta Lagan

Facilitator: Daniel Smith

Recent events have made ethics and leadership more relevant than ever in financial services in Australia.  Our panel will discuss the ethical underpinnings that are needed for successful leadership, in meeting the community's expectations for our industry today.