Mini Plenary Sessions


An Introduction to the Australian Actuaries Climate Index (AACI)

Tim Andrews

In this session we will present the recently developed AACI. This will include describing some of the challenges we faced and discussing the key trends indicated by the index.


The Opportunity to Transform General Insurance through Automating Intelligently

Speaker: Andy Gillard

There is much hype, and less reality, today on artificial intelligence and other automation technologies such as robotics. Yet we all know these technologies will increasingly be part of our working world.

Why is the reality so different to what we see and hear in the media, from technology vendors and from our own proof of concepts and implementations?

In this presentation, we look to distill through the hype and to the reality in a GI context.

We will discuss the criticality of looking at a broad range of automation technologies based on the outcomes required, rather than picking a single technology “hammer looking for a nail”.

We will also discuss some of the most impactful use cases in GI as well as insights from EY’s own automation program, one of the largest in the world.

Finally, we will talk about people.  About organisational change, future skills development, and ensuring that processes are human-centric.

Democratizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence With The Cloud

Speaker: Andy Huang

In this session, Andy will talk through the evolution of hardware and software technologies. Andy will also some of the underlying technology principles that powers today's every increasing cloud capabilities. Andy will walk you through a number of example cloud based technologies to give audience a flavor of how cloud and technology is now democratizing the likes of machine learning and AI for business. And lastly Andy will talk through some of the challenges working with cloud and when and how to navigate across these challenges. The session will be concluded with a Q&A.

Andy Huang is Head of AI and Associate Partner at Servian. Servian is an Australia headquatered technology consulting company with a key focus on data analytics and machine learning.


Mental Health and Insurance – Helping Other Possibilities Emerge

Speakers: Professor Nick Glozier, Michael Allwright, Dana Bradford

Facilitator: Geoff Atkins

Mental health conditions are important and growing in prevalence. What are the cross-roads for insurance as a part of the infrastructure of our society? In this session we appreciate past work on mental health and consider emerging themes in this area.  There are implications for our required competencies, as professionals and for insurance, as well as the strategic challenge of how insurance tackles the challenges of mental health. It’s hard to change everything at once.  Our panel will help us consider the priorities of today and future trends. Ultimately helping us to identify spinoffs, projects and businesses that create conditions for insurance to respond to emerging societal needs and make a positive contribution in the area of mental health.