Concurrent Sessions


Client Experience

Embracing Technology to Assist Customers in Returning to Work
Carly Van Den Akker

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ – Common Claims Management PitfallsThat Impact the Bottom Line
Sue Freeman Raj Kanhai

Health and Social Outcomes

Best Practice Framework for the Management of Psychological Claims in the Insurance Sector
Duncan Cockburn

Determinants of Return to Work: Experience from Workers Insurance in NSW
Sriyani Dias, Catherine Day

Enhancing long term case management approaches using Behavioural Insights. Learnings from the EML collaboration with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Behavioural Insights Unit
Katherine Gobbi, Rebecca Neilson, Karen Munk

Exercise and Mental Health

Steven McCullagh, Dr Simon Rosenbaum

Fighting "Fight or Flight"
Robert Aurbach

Implementing an Holistic Evidence Based Approach to Psychological Injury Management
Andrew McGarity

Introduction to Mental Health
Joshua Martin, Jefferson Gibbs

Return to work Coordinators: Two pathways to improve return to work outcomes in a workplace intervention
Tyler Lane

Recalibrating Resilience
Robert Aurbach

Risk profiles of Workers Compensation Claimants: the PACE protocol

Ross Iles, Karen Munk, Cameron Gosling

Meaningful Assessment of Mental Health Conditions - Is there a better way?
Sue Freeman, Geoff Atkins

Who Am I? The next evolution of client risk identification and segmentation at the TAC

David Gifford

Other Compensation Issues

Challenge. Inflation. Opportunity.

Ash Evans, Hugh Miller

Common Law and Order – A Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurer’s Perspective
Scott Duncan, Saro Alayan, Matt Rodwell 


The Magic Pudding is here! Dodgy business networks are targeting CTP and Motor insurance and driving up costs
Geoff Atkins, Sue Freeman, Raj Kanhai

Scheme Design and Reform

A fare share: On ridesharing, taxis and their CTP insurance
Ash Evans and Paul Driessen

An investment approach to welfare – applying traditional actuarial techniques in new fields
Mike Clough, Rosi Winn

Exploring a role for Restorative Justice in Workers Compensation

Pene Dedes, Mary Polis, Kristann (Stan) Winford

Financial incentives for employers to report work injuries sooner: impact on time spent in the claim lodgement process
Tyler Lane

Insights for Regulating and Insuring Work Injury Insurance
Greg McCarthy

International comparison of compensation scheme benefits on motor accident injuries
Kitty Ho

Jurisdictional Comparison of CTP Schemes Around the Globe
Lisa Moran, Peter McCarthy

NSW CTP Benefit reform key features and challenges ahead
Bevan Damm, Christian Fanker

Nudging better claims outcomes – How can behavioral economics help?

Basem Morris and Kranthi Nekkalapu

Premium System Design – Balancing Stakeholder Needs

Vivian Tse, Jon Vallance

Public vs Private Underwriting and Administration of Personal Injury Statutory Insurance Schemes
Dr Andrew Fronsko and Mr Alan Woodroffe

Transition Between Systems of Support: An International Review

Ross Iles, Karen Munk, Cameron Gosling, Francesca Stewart

Living beyond its use by date: the limitations of the present framework of workers’ compensation and some proposals for change
Alan Clayton

The Future of Workers Compensation
Lisa Simpson

Scheme Updates

ACT CTP Scheme Update - Deliberative Democracy Process on Scheme Design
Lisa Holmes

ACT private sector workers’ compensation scheme performance 2015/16
Bill Smith

Comcare Scheme Update
Tony Middlebook, Natalie Bekis

Lifetime Support Scheme South Australia
Tamara Tomic 

Motor accidents insurance board (MAIB) Tasmania– scheme update
Paul Kingston

NDIS Scheme Update
Sarah Johnson

NSW Lifetime Care and Support Authority Scheme Update
Dai Liu, Don Ferguson 

NSW Workers’ Compensation Scheme Update
Rhys Bollen

NZ ACC - Using Analytics to Manage Integrity Risk
Dominic Drummond

ReturnToWorkSA Scheme Update
Michael Francis

Tasmanian Workers Compensation Scheme Update
Brad Parker

Western Australian Workers’ Compensation Scheme Update
Chris White

WorkSafe Victoria Scheme Update
Julie Evans, Tehn Chin

Transformation and Innovation

Building Better PPAC Models
Hugh Miller

Keep Your Eye on the Prize and Foot on the Pedal …. Claims Management Monitoring
Melissa Yan, Phillip Halverson, Brendan Jones

Unlocking the possibilities: The Productivity Commission’s inquiry into‘data availability and use’ and the implications for injury and disability schemes
Anjali Napoli, Slyvia Wong

Third Party Motor Liability Catastrophe Bond
James Sullivan