The 2019 Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar will be held in Canberra at the boutique QT Hotel.

Over two full days, actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, injury and disability specialists and service providers throughout Australasia will gather to share and gain insights on topical industry issues and future developments. The theme Insights and Outcomes is reflective of using data, knowledge and participant insights to drive change and improve outcomes for individuals and effectiveness of the system.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to further the conversation with your peers through networking events planned across the two days.

Access to abundant data and technological advancements such as AI are providing new opportunities at the same time as challenges are being presented from shifting consumer expectations and community scepticism following on from the Royal Commission. In this environment, how will businesses and schemes continue to improve outcomes for customers and clients and maintain the human element?

The Organising Committee have been working hard to design a rich program of presentations and discussions that cover:

  • Technology
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Personal experiences
  • Mental Health
  • Empowerment of customers and clients
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