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research note

16 September 2020: Total deaths in Australia - what do they look like for 2020?

There has been a lot of discussion about COVID-19 deaths in Australia, and a lot of speculation about deaths from other causes – but what do the statistics show? Karen Cutter, Jennifer Lang and Richard Lyon discuss this in the latest research note.

Pandemic Briefings

Asset Impacts

The purpose of this note is to identify various considerations relating to the impact of COVID-19 on the assets and investment side of the balance sheet, for life insurers. 

ICAAP Considerations

This note aims to assist actuaries advising entities on the capital implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and is applicable to life insurance, general insurance, banking and health actuaries. 

Morbidity and Macro-Economic Considerations

This briefing aims to provide a list of considerations on the issues related to morbidity claims in life insurance products in light of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the major impact of economic conditions on the level of morbidity claims, this document includes discussion of macro-economic matters.

Life Insurance implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Developed by the Life Insurance Working Group formed as part of the Institute’s COVID-19 Working Group, the briefing considers a range of implications relating to pricing, policy liabilities, capital management, valuations, underwriting, and product design. Please share feedback on the discussion forum here