Life Insurance


APRA Looking Back


  • LAGIC implementation, including transition and technical issues;
  • ICAAP implementation, including industry progress and the process for individual insurer review and feedback;
  • recent industry experience; and
  • progress on risk management commentary and Financial Condition Reports.

APRA Looking Forward


  • APRA's policy priorities for next year;
  • overseas developments, such as Comframe and systemically important insurers;
  • cross-industry risk management prudential standard and the role of the Chief Risk Officer and Appointed Actuary;
  • risk governance, risk culture and APRA’s expectations; and
  • the key risks that have APRA’s focus and attention.

Panel Discussion on Life Insurance

Involving industry speakers presenting topical and practical life insurance case studies, this session will address:

  • Scenarios and Stress Testing - featuring global case studies for life insurers including Board communication, stress testing and scenarios and reverse stress testing – and how local life insurers are faring.
  • Embedding the Risk Appetite in a Life Insurer - discussing approaches being employed by life insurers, the key challenges and what is needed to make it work. How far is enough?
  • Insurance Risk Deep Dive - discussing lapse and claims issues facing the life insurance industry and the changes needed in operations and strategy to control the impact on profit and loss and capital charges.

APRA and a number of high profile Chief Actuaries and Chief Risk Officers in the life insurance industry will be participating in the panel discussion. Don't miss the opportunity to ask questions and contribute from the floor.

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