APRA Looking Back


  • Stronger Super reforms
  • APRA Prudential standards, particularly SPS 160;
  • APRA Reporting requirements, including SRS 160.0 and SRS 160.1; and
  • RSE actuary - Fit and Proper.

APRA Looking Forward


  • transition to new prudential requirements;
  • policy priorities for next year; and
  • the key risks that have APRA’s focus and attention.

Panel Discussion on Superannuation

In a period of substantial regulatory change, it’s time to take a breath and examine the impact of Stronger Super and APRA’s Prudential Standards on the superannuation industry – not to mention the impact of MySuper, SuperStream and APRA’s new reporting requirements!

What impact are these regulatory changes having and how will they shape the future of the industry? We are already seeing a greater emphasis on sophisticated risk management practices – can we expect superannuation practices to follow the insurance and banking sectors? And what of the member? With increasing longevity and retirement expectations, how much will be enough and how will the member know?

What product innovations are on the horizon to help members cope with the uncertainty in retirement caused by inflation, investment and longevity risks? What can the industry do to improve the financial literacy of its members and engage them early enough in their lives to make a difference? Discover the answers to all this and more from a panel of industry experts working in the field.

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