Volunteering is a win-win-win scenario for you, the profession and the Institute. As a member, volunteering provides you with some solid opportunities career development and growth.


Grow your network

Having strong professional networks is important not only in finding future employment opportunities, but for collaborating with colleagues on tricky cases, furthering your understanding of the actuarial landscape and building your own knowledge and expertise. Being a member of the Institute already means you are part of a network of learned professionals. Volunteering with us takes it one step further, allowing you the chance to work with and strengthen connections within the industry.


Build your personal brand 

Volunteering is the perfect way to build your personal brand. Being involved in different projects is a great way to expand your CV, consolidate your reputation, broaden your experience and position you as a practice area expert.  


Develop your leadership skills

For those wanting to take the next step in their careers, volunteering, particularly on an ongoing basis, is the perfect way to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a leader. Whether you’re leading a working group, speaking at an event, writing an article for Actuaries Digital, you’ll have hands-on experience which can help propel you to the next level.


Explore different career paths

Being involved in the Institutes activities gives you the opportunity to widen your experience and expertise across different practice areas, and helps you to build skills, and connections, so that if you decide to pivot in your role, you’ll have ready-made experience to refer to on your CV.

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Get involved and make a difference

Being a volunteer is the perfect way to make a difference. As an Actuary, you have the capacity to advocate and lead the way - environmentally, economically and socially.  


CPD Points

Each year members need to accrue CPD points. Did you know you can earn CPD points for your volunteer contributions? How good is that! If you are part of a working group or committee, you are eligible for up to 3 points per hour as the activity adds to your personal and professional skills. Find out more about CPD requirements.

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