Volunteering your time, effort and skills can have big benefits, not only for those around you in the community, but for your own career and personal satisfaction. It also doesn’t have to be hard – we work to make volunteering easy, worthwhile and flexible for our members.

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There are many ways to volunteer for the Institute:

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Practice Committees
Members of our committees contribute to the strategic direction through the representation of their specific practice area. They actively support the development of actuarial practice through the Institute’s education, CPD, professional regulation and guidance, and public policy activities. 
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Working Groups & sub Committees

From time to time, we call on members to be involved in sub committees or working groups to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. These are formed for specific issues or submissions and do not require long-term commitment from participating members.

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Advocacy and Thought Leadership

The Institute undertakes advocacy work by contributing to submissions to the Government and its agencies in regard to issues that have the potential to impact the social, financial, and environmental well-being of our community.

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The Institute hosts dozens of events every year. We would not be able to run these initiatives without those who volunteer to help organise speakers and determine topics that support members’ professional development.

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Education Program

Members provide technical expertise and advice to support the Institute’s education program. The roles are varied and include Board of Examiners (BoE), Chief Examiner, Assistant Examiner, Course Leader, Exam Marker, Scrutineer.

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Mentors provide a wealth of experience, helping others in the profession to grow their careers, strengthen networks, and create new opportunities by sharing their own experience, expertise, and wisdom.

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University Program

This ambassador style role is designed to generate interest and attract future actuaries to the profession. Members assist by speaking to senior school or university students virtually or where possible at in-person events.

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Actuaries Digital Contributors
By writing an article for Actuaries Digital you'll be contributing to a shared knowledgebase that keep our profession vibrant, as well as building your professional profile.

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A Team

This online community (coming soon) provides feedback on a regular basis to help shape the future of the profession as well as measure the Institute’s progress against our strategic priorities. It's a perfect opportunity for members who have limited time but still want to have their say.

 Volunteering has been a rich and rewarding experience. It has allowed me to meet actuaries from a diverse range of fields, furthered my own professional development, and enabled me to contribute to the standing of th