Program Snapshot


 Wednesday 10 may 2017

8.30am Registration Opens – Actuaries Institute
9.00am  Welcome

Nicolette Rubinsztein

Vice President, Actuaries Institute


Plenary 1: Actuarial Passport – where to next?

Chair: Avanti Patki

Jas Singh
Raymond Bennett
Elizabeth Martin

Owning a home, stability, a ‘good job’ and settling down doesn’t really cut it for young actuaries nowadays.  Most want a sense of urgency, challenge, excitement and wonder.  They are keen more than ever for a wide range of career experiences - working in an unexplored area or even an unexplored country.

Our presenters will share their stories of working overseas in different areas and roles and discuss the highs, the lows, and everything in between, to demonstrate how the actuarial passport can take us to many new and exciting destinations.

Leadership   Contribution to Business Strategy

Morning Tea
Plenary 2 - Actuary of the Future

Chair: Peter Corbett

Marc Mer
Nicolette Rubinsztein
Alice Truong
Zhan Wang

Our actuarial education and on-the-job training equips us for solving a wide range of problems in a robust, practical and professional manner. Recently, the demand for these skills has increased bringing more opportunities for actuaries to work outside the traditional areas. Working in an area outside your area of speciality, even temporarily, can be a huge plus and can also give you a new perspective on your current role.

Cultural diversity, charities, what work actuaries will be doing in the future, and how their experiences have impacted their careers are just some of the topics our presenters will discuss

Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving


Plenary 3 – ‘Talking the talk’

Chair: Martin Mulcare

Michael Stumbles
Kit Ng
Con Asvestas
Jefferson Gibbs

Actuaries can, without a doubt, ‘walk the walk’ but are we always able to ‘talk the talk’ when discussing our work, meeting with our boss or delivering a presentation?  Strong communication and presentation skills are prerequisites for career success – it’s never too early to start working on, and improving, these skills.

Hear from our presenters on the benefits of working on your communications skills and harnessing them to give you a real competitive advantage in your career.

Contribution to Business Strategy   Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving 

Afternoon Tea
3.30pm Plenary 4: 

Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Personal Brand

Chair: Trang Duncanson

Darren Robinson
Anthony Tockar
Greg Bird
Rashi Bansal

Training and on-the-job experience exposes young actuaries to many of the operational and leadership aspects required in organisations.  The ability to think strategically can be challenging but it is essential  if we want to have a ‘seat at the table’ in any organisation.  APRA is also looking at ways to help facilitate this skill for the profession, given the importance of actuarial roles in a regulatory environment.

This plenary focuses on how you can get involved in supporting the strategy of the business, how you can develop your leadership traits and how you can start to build your personal brand.

4.55pm Closing remarks

Nicolette Rubinsztein

Vice President, Actuaries Institute

 5.00pm Networking drinks
Contribution to Business Strategy Contribution to Business Strategy
Leadership Leadership
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
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Risk Management Risk Management
Professional Governance Professional Governance
Product Development, Management and Pricing Product Development, Management and Pricing
Investment Advice and Governance Investment Advice and Governance