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 YAC 2017

Program Snapshot


12.00pm Registration & Lunch
Hoa Bui
Vice President, Actuaries Institute
 12.35pm Keynote address

Chair: Ashish Ahluwalia, Finity
Presenter: Chelsea Wise, Hyper Anna - presentation
Artificial Intelligence. Automation. Data science. It's hard to go a day without reading or hearing one of these words. They are associated with opportunities for businesses, and excitement for Actuaries. Actuaries are increasingly becoming involved in these digital spaces as doors open up for more non-traditional roles.

The keynote will focus on real life examples of how AI is being used to provide business insights, and the value Actuaries have been able to provide in this field.   


Plenary 1: Insurance & Public Policy
Chair: Julia Lessing, Guardian Actuarial

Stephanie Wong, Suncorp - presentation
Hugh Miller, Taylor Fry - presentation
Geoff Atkins, Finity - presentation 

The actuarial environment and our corresponding role are constantly changing with the evolution of technology and regulatory action. This plenary aims to aid young actuaries in understanding ways in which actuaries are involved in the development and implementation of public policy whilst enhancing your understanding of how actuarial techniques and skillset may be utilized to ensure equitable and efficient outcomes.

Topic 1: 

Climate Change – With climate change not only impacting us now but likely to have more extreme impacts in the future, how can actuaries stimulate communities, societies and businesses to get a better understanding of these issues?

Topic 2: 

Social Sector – The Australian welfare system is there to support those who are most in need. Actuaries have supported the welfare system through a range of actuarial models and advice to maintain sustainability and improvement of various welfare programs. This session aims to provide insights on the impact and change actuaries have brought to social welfare and how young actuaries may continue to drive this change into the future.

Topic 3: 

Mental Health – How can actuaries improve the outcomes and experiences for insured individuals affected by mental health and aid insurers as they try to balance the competing objectives of product affordability/sustainability and meeting customer expectations. 

 2.50pm Afternoon Tea
 3.15pm Plenary 2: Knowledge Sharing
Chair: Bill Konstantinidis
Solai Valliappan  - presentation
Mark Henderson, Zurich  - presentation
Meng Yuan, NDIA  - presentation

With the actuarial profession undergoing rapid change with regards to job opportunities and education, the actuarial skillset will only expand and diversify. This plenary aims to provide insights on the tools, techniques and pathways a young actuary may require to drive their career forward, whether it is staying within the traditional areas or applying the actuarial mindset in a non-actuarial setting. 

 4.45pm Practice Committee Members Introductions
 4.55pm Closing Remarks
Barry Rafe
President, Actuaries Institute

 5.00pm Networking Drinks
 6.00pm Seminar Finish