Risk Management

The Risk Management Practice Committee (RMPC):

  • contributes to the strategic direction of the Institute;
  • actively supports the development of actuarial practice through the Institute’s education, CPD, standard-setting, public policy and research activities; and
  • actively identifies and promotes opportunities for members working in risk management and facilitates communication and liaison within the profession.

The responsibilities of the RMPC include:

  • Identifying new and emerging technical and practice needs of members.
  • Identifying risk exposures for the profession in risk management and making recommendations to Council on how to manage these.
  • Maintaining and developing professional education materials, including reviewing the course syllabus.
  • Identifying continuing professional development needs of members and developing CPD programs and opportunities.
  • Identifying potential issues for research and development.
  • Reviewing and developing relevant Professional Standards and Practice Guidelines.
  • Preparing public policy submissions on technical issues affecting risk management and on matters of broader public interest, including research activity.
  • Communicating on a regular basis with members (e.g. via e-newsletters and Actuaries Digital articles) on issues and developments affecting risk management.
  • Developing links with other actuarial bodies (overseas) and relevant professional and industry bodies.
  • Reviewing existing and identifying new Policy Statements for Council’s ‘Statements of Policy and Procedures’.

Actuaries Managing Risk microsite

Developed as part of the RMPC’s strategy to improve communication, Actuaries Managing Risk includes profiles of actuaries and the RMPC Knowledge Database.