Whistleblowing eLearning Course

As trusted advisers, actuaries often find themselves in professional circumstances where they are privy to sensitive, confidential commercial dealings.

Sometimes, actuaries may have concerns about what they hear or read in the course of their work. Most of the time, such concerns are resolved relatively simply through discussion and negotiation with the parties involved.

There may be instances, however, where resolution cannot be achieved. In such cases, actuaries may either have a duty or discretion to whistleblow and the legislative regimes discussed in this course will direct and guide you to a degree on what to do. In the end, it’s a matter of integrity, trust and ethics.

Why Enrol?

This course goes beyond the generic compliance courses available by taking a deeper dive into the subject from an actuarial perspective. You'll be able to:

  • understand the statutory duties and discretion to whistleblow (and the penalties for non-compliance) with a better appreciation for the nuance of the legal language;
  • gain insights into how to ensure you do not lose the statutory protections available to whistleblowers if you do decide to blow the whistle;
  • explore the relationship between the statutory regimes and your obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct to act with integrity and maintain confidentiality;
  • learn the practicalities of what to say, and to whom, if you do decide to whistleblow;
  • learn about the personal and professional risks associated with whistleblowing; and
  • learn how to put in place an effective risk management strategy to minimise such risks, as well as safeguard your own interests as much as possible.

Course Content

The course is a self-paced study program – you can complete all six units in one go or parts of units at your leisure. A detailed course outline is available. Participants will also gain access to links to a range of whistleblowing materials from government bodies, regulators and advocacy groups.

Once you enrol, you will have six months to complete the course and at the end, you’ll be able to download a set of course notes and other materials for future reference.

You’ll be able to print a certificate upon completion of the course.

Course Fees

The course fees represent excellent value and there are a variety of enrolment options available.

*Fees are in $AUD and exclude GST.

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Whistleblowing and Practice Risk Management

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