find out more about the PART I CHANGES commencing in 2019


Students can enrol for Part I subjects online here during the enrolment period.

Payment is required in full and must accompany the exam entry form. Exam entry forms not accompanied by payment information or the correct payment information cannot be processed.

All enrolments are acknowledged by email. Students who do not receive confirmation of enrolment are advised to contact the Education Team.

Course notes are not included in the enrolment fee. Please purchase course notes and other study materials from ActEd (UK).

Exam Information

Examinations for Core Technical subjects are offered in approved exam centres around the world. Candidates are advised to note that centre locations may change for each session. To avoid delays with the processing of your chosen location when completing the manual enrolment ensure that they have specified an exam centre. Online enrolments allow you to choose your centre during the process.

If candidates wish to sit at a centre not shown on the list, please contact the Actuaries Institute Education Team before the published date. Requests made after this date for an alternative centre cannot be considered except for special arrangements which must be applied for with supporting documentation.  Forms indicating a centre that is not shown above will not be processed unless this location has already been agreed with the Exams Team.

Please note some centres may have amendments to their schedule due to public holidays and we wish to draw your attention to the Exam News and Updates page of the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries website. We strongly recommend that candidates visit this webpage regularly prior to each exam in order to remain informed of any important notices or changes that may occur. The UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries will upload any last minute changes and updates to exam dates/times or venue on their website.

Before the first examination, students will receive:

Students must read the Instructions for Candidates before attending their CT examination. The permit letter, and one form of photo identification, must be presented to the examination supervisor.

Morning examinations held in Sydney and Melbourne commence at 9.15 am. Afternoon examinations commence at 2.00 pm.



Core Technical Examination Results Released

Friday 30 November

Core Technical Examination Individual Results Letters Emailed

Monday 3 December

Part I September 2018 CT Pass List