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show off your passion and skill for data analytics!

The Actuaries Institute, together with the Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG), invites actuaries and analysts to make a short video on what excites them about Data Analytics. The judges are looking for interesting data sets or niche tools that Actuaries and Analysts are using to solve real problems! Shortlisted and winning videos will be promoted to a wide audience to show the power of Data Analytics in solving real problems. 

WOMD Video Data Analytics Competition

Fantastic prizes!

The winner will receive AUD $2000.00 in prize money and two runners up will each receive AUD $500.00 in prize money! All shortlisted entries will receive opportunities to feature their work in Actuaries Digital, the CareerView Podcast and at the hugely popular 2018 Data Seminar, later this year!

Deadline for entries extended to Monday 3 September 2018. Contact the Institute's Digital Marketing Manager Stephanie Quine with any queries.

How to enter (it's easy):

  • Film a 2-3 minute video.
  • Show us a program, package, technique or tool you love or that excites you for performing data analysis!
  • Outline how it works AND why it’s useful – including application to a data set or real-world problem.


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WOMD Competition Video Filming Guides

To be accepted into the competition, videos must be:

  • Uploaded to YouTube (set visibility to ‘unlisted’), or Dropbox or WeTransfer, with link sent to
  • 16:9 horizontal aspect ratio (No Vertical Video)
  • 720p HD minimum
  • Duration between 2- 3 minutes
  • No colour grading (includes sepia, black + white)
  • Contain no copyrighted music or video
See detailed Filming Guidelines.

Example videos

WOMD Selection Criteria

Winning entries will be judged on:

  • Video Content

  • Video Energy and Engagement

  • Video Quality

  • Social Media and Member Engagement

See detailed Selection Criteria

A word from some of the Competition Judges:

"The competition is an innovative way to expose the exciting growth actuaries are driving in the field of data science and analytics. The video competition is a first for the Institute, and I’m thrilled to see the voice it will bring actuaries, who otherwise do not get a chance to showcase their unique abilities and interests."
– Michael Storozhev, Senior Underwriter @ Cover-More 

"This is an exciting way to engage with the younger members of the profession, who often drive the technical innovation in analytics teams. I’m looking forward to a broad range of entries, as well as an insight into what tools people are actually using today."
– Hugh Miller, Principal @ Taylor Fry

Steph Quine

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Actuaries and Analysts to flex their creativity, and experiment with the engaging medium of video to communicate the power of data analytics.”
– Stephanie Quine, Digital Marketing Manager @ Actuaries Institute

Jacky Poon, Head of Analytics With data analytics moving so quickly, there are so many new tools being developed and data-sets being publicly released. These "Weapons of Mass Deduction" are potentially of value not just for data analytics specialists, but also actuaries in traditional fields working with data in some form.  I am really excited to be part of this competition - it is a great opportunity to uncover and bring these great concepts to light within the actuarial profession, all while having fun - and there are prizes to be won too!" – Jacky Poon, Head of Actuarial and Analytics @ World Nomads Group
cindy vuong2 “Different people have different ways of approaching the same problem. With there being so many tools and techniques out there, I'm excited to find out what members are using and how they will creatively showcase the tool in a video." - Cindy Vuong, Senior Actuarial Research Analyst @ Pacific Life Re.

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"Here's my not-very-short-list of examples of mostly cool tools that I haven't really looked into yet," – Jacky Poon, Head of Actuarial and Analytics @ World Nomads Group

"All of this makes it an exciting, and at times bewildering, time to be building models and writing code." - writes Hugh Miller in his article:

Why packages are the new black

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To be eligible to enter the competition and win, entrants must:

1. Provide (subject to the Institute’s Privacy Policy), their name and requested contact details.

2. Consent to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material directly related to, or connected with, the competition.

3. Consent to the use of their submitted video entry in any publicity material (including social media posts) directly related to, or connected with, the competition.

4. Not be a member or immediate family of a member, of the Institute’s Council or HQ Team as at 27 June 2018.

5. Be a Member or University Subscriber of the Institute.

Click for full Terms and Conditions.

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