Meet More Actuaries

Courage in uncertainty


Standing at the intersection of finance and risk means that Jennifer helps her company courageously navigate future financial uncertainty.

Hoa Bui

Leading KPMG’s Actuarial and Financial Risk Division (which includes insurance, banking and superannuation) means that business leaders are looking to Hoa and her team to guide them, giving them confidence to create change and make the right choices for both their businesses and their customers.

Shaping public policy for the people

Estelle Pearson

When the system failed the people, Estelle used her unique perspective through data and evidence of behaviours in the insurance industry, to guide the Government towards a solution that was both efficient for the country and effective for the people. Proposing a better way for Governments to approach public liability insurance and quantifying the importance of a redress for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Catherine Nance

As an expert in Superannuation (responsible for investors with up to $80+ billion in assets), Cathy is helping prepare people for retirement. But in addition, she is also helping to fight for better conditions as they approach and arrive at it. An active contributor to Government policy, she champions the creation of a fairer future for ageing Australians.

Unlocking opportunity with big data

Adam Driussi

Co-Founder of Quantium, powering possibilities with the best of human and artificial intelligence.

Alan Greenfield

Changing the way governments deliver social services by combining data with behavioural insights.

Kai Yang

Deriving insights that have changed the way Australians do their banking.

Shaping industries and driving change

Jan Swinhoe

Not everyone is equally prepared for retirement, making it very difficult for some Australians. Jan has fought to create initiatives that ensure everyone can have a healthy, meaningful life for as long as possible.

David Knox

Navigating the financial impact of increasing life expectancy and creating a solution that is in everyone’s best interests.

Greg Cooper

Developing solutions for a whole new generation of ageing Australians.