Presentations and Recordings

23 March 2021

1.50 - 2.00pm
Opening Address - President Jefferson Gibbs

2.00 - 3.00pm
Plenary 1 – Mental Health, Private Health, Public Problem?

With one in six Australians receiving mental health prescriptions (a number likely to be further swelled by Covid lockdowns) mental health is a big health issue, a big policy issue and major challenge for insurers.

In this session we build on the Institute’s Mental Health Green Paper, delve into the industry’s current practices, discuss where the industry would like to be and the barriers that need to be overcome.

  • Andrew Matthews – Principal, Finity
  • Dr. Dana Kai Bradford - Principal Research Scientist, Neurodevelopment and Plasticity, CSIRO Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Sue Freeman – Senior Consultant, Finity
  • Chair: Nick Stolk – Principal, Finity
Video Recording - Plenary 1 and 2
Presentation - Dana Bradford
Presentation - Sue Freeman and Andrew Matthews

3.00 – 4.30pm
Plenary 2 - PHI- Steps towards Sustainability: Risk Equalisation Reform and the Dutch Cure
The falling participation rate is a big problem for insurers and for insurance affordability generally. Reforming risk equalisation is a key part of the solution, and we need to think widely to create the best new options. In this session we will step outside the Australian status quo to look at the Dutch Risk Equalisation system, its strengths, weaknesses and potential insights for the Australian marketplace.

  • Judith Houtepen – Consulting Actuary, Milliman (Netherlands)
  • Jamie Reid – Principal, Finity
  • Chair: Stuart Rodger – Non-Executive Director

Video Recording - Plenary 1 and 2
Presentation - Judith Houtepen

Presentation - Jamie Reid

4.30 – 5.30pm
Virtual Networking


24 March 2021

12.00 – 1.00pm
Plenary 3 - Better data, better health?
Health analytics offer the revolutionary possibility of better health outcomes for all. This plenary session looks at how health analytics can help both public and private organisation influence people to change their behaviours in search of better health.

  • Rhod McKensey - CEO, Honeysuckle Health
  • Anna Stevens – EY
  • Daniel Marlay – Director, EY
  • Chair: Ash Evans – Principal, Taylor Fry

Video Recording - Plenary 3 and 4
Presentation – Rhod Mckensey
Presentation - Anna Stevens and Daniel Marlay

1.00 – 2.45pm
Plenary 4 - Designing a healthier health industry
If you had a clean slate and were tasked to design a new health system, where would you start? In this session a panel of experts discuss the characteristics of a great health system, what is happening overseas, what’s getting in the way of us developing that system and how reform could change our lives.

  • Dr. Stephanie Allen - Global Healthcare Leader, Deloitte
  • Stuart Houston – Director, Financial Services, Google Cloud APAC
  • Henry Wei – Senior Staff Clinical Specialist Google Health (USA)
  • Dr Arran Schlosberg – Senior Software Engineer Google Health (USA)
  • Chair: Karl Niemann - APRA

Video Recording - Plenary 3 and 4
Presentation - Stephanie Allen
Presentation - Henry Wei and Stuart Houston

2.45 - 2.55pm
Closing Address - President Jefferson Gibbs