Making a Complaint

The Disciplinary Scheme sets out broad categories of conduct that are considered actionable. These are:

  • professional misconduct, including:
    • a substantial or persistent failure to reach or maintain a reasonable standard of competence or diligence in providing professional services;
    • conduct justifying a finding that a member is not a fit and proper person to provide professional services (including dishonesty and misleading or deceptive conduct); and
    • knowingly breaching a mandatory requirement of a professional standard or the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • unsatisfactory professional conduct, including:
    • conduct falling short of the standard of competence and diligence that a member of the public is reasonably entitled to expect; and
    • a breach or breaches of a professional standard or the Code of Professional Conduct which is either negligent and substantial or negligent and persistent; and
  • conduct likely to bring discredit upon the Institute or the profession of actuary.

Any person can make a complaint about a member of the Institute. The complaint must be in writing and should be sent to the Disciplinary Scheme Secretary. If possible, the complaint should:

  • identify the person who is being complained about;
  • describe, in general terms, the conduct being complained about; and
  • include copies of any relevant documentation.

For more information about making a complaint about the conduct of a member of the Institute, please read How do I complain about an Institute member? or contact the Disciplinary Scheme Secretary:

Disciplinary Scheme Secretary
Actuaries Institute
Level 2
50 Carrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000
t: +61 (02) 9239 6100
f: +61 (02) 9239 6170