Accident Compensation Seminar

Sunday 22 November 2009

Welcome Dinner

Peter Jones, Acting General Manager
Kevin Gomes, Chair, Organising Committee

Monday 23 November 2009


Trevor Thompson, Institute President

Keynote Speaker

The Hon. Bill Shorten MP

Plenary 1

Reforming the Accident Compensation Act: A Package of Benefits for Victorian Workers and Employers
Greg Tweedly, Richard Grellman

Chair and Presenters Briefing

Peter Jones

Concurrent 1

An Ageing Workforce and Workers Compensation – What are the Implications with an Increasing National Retirement Age?
Andrew McInerney
Presentation Paper

NSW CTP and LTCS Scheme Updates
Carmel Donlevy

Developing Actuarial Capability in the Accident Compensation Industry
Amanda Johnston, Julie Evans
Presentation Paper

Estimates for Rehabilitation Liabilities – Points to Consider
Swee Chang, Sandra Chapman
Presentation Paper

Self Insurance in the NZ Accident Insurance Market
Mark Weaver
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 2

Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Schemes – Fault vs No Fault
Nick Allsop, Peter McCarthy, Hardik Dalal
Presentation Paper

SA Workers Compensation Scheme Updates
Emma Saimi

Long Term Trends in Workers Compensation Claims Frequency, Incidence and Duration and their Causes
Rod McInnes, Rob Thomson

Superimposed Inflation in Australian CTP Schemes
Karen Cutter
Presentation Paper

Improving Understanding and Clarity of the Legislation and Workers' Entitlement to Compensation Under the Hanks Review
James Johnson

Concurrent 3

Trends in Risk Management in Medical Indemnity
Gillian Harrex, Mimi Shepherd

WA and TAS Workers Compensation Scheme Updates
Michelle Reynolds, Brad Parker
Presentation WA Presentation TAS

Information Management and its Role in Managing an Accident Compensation Scheme
Bruce Harris

Comparing Return to Work Outcomes Between Vocational Rehabilitation Providers, After Adjusting for Case-Mix Using Statistical Modelling
Jim Gaetjens
Presentation Paper

ACC Scheme Update
Swee Chang, Sandra Chapman
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 4

Approach to Solvency Targets and Capital for Accident Compensation Schemes
Chris Latham, Lisa Simpson, Catherine Nance

VIC and ACT Workers Compensation Scheme Updates
Julie Evans, Meg Brighton
Presentation VIC Presentation ACT

Outcomes from Medical Treatment Spend
Raewin Davies and Alex Gould
Presentation Paper

Workers' Compensation Payment-type Analysis for Self-insurers – A NSW Case Study
Andrew Houltram
Presentation Paper

Medical Indemnity – Who's got the perfect cure?
Win-Li Toh, Linda Satchwell
Presentation Paper

Plenary 2

Workers Compensation and CTP Scheme Comparisons Scheme
Comparisons Working Group

Improving Health for People with Compensable Injuries
Ian Cameron

Ernst & Young Gala Dinner

Tuesday 23 November 2009

Plenary 3

Reflections on the Regulation of Compulsory Compensation Schemes in Australia
John K Morgan

Trauma Collaborative
Paul Barach

Sharing Best Practice: Use of Impairment Guides
Dwight Dowda

Concurrent 5

Differentiating Between Workers Compensation Claims
Daniel Smith, Brendon Frost

NSW Workers Compensation Scheme Update
Rob Thomson

ACT and NT CTP Scheme Updates
Tom McDonald, Lesley Anderson
Presentation ACT Presentation NT

Nanomaterials, Regulation and Human Hazard – Are Liability Insurers Condemned to Repeat the Past?
Andrew Richards

Til Deaf Do Us Part: Some Thoughts on Work Related Hearing Loss Claims
Peter McCourt, Julie Evans

Concurrent 6

An Approach to Improving Claims Management
Bevan Damm, Daniel Marley
Presentation Paper

QLD and SA CTP Updates
Kim Birch, Andrew Daniels
Presentation SA Presentation QLD

Uncertainty Based Framework for Setting Industry Premium Rates in Workers' Compensation
Ivan Lebedev
Presentation Paper

Exploring the Impact of Financial Crises on Workers Compensation Schemes (Victoria)
Glenn Ockerby and Peter McCourt

Comcare and Seacare Workers Compensation Scheme Updates
Paul O'Connor

Concurrent 7

Beyond Triangles; Can We Recognise the Impact of a Business's Overall Approach to Claims Outcomes?
Geoff Atkins, Cameron McCullagh
Presentation Paper

QLD Workers Compensation Updates
Irene Violet, Warren Hawkins

Accident Compensation Claims Management – Lessons Learnt and Claimant Outcomes
Caitlin Francis
Presentation Paper

Premium Reform in New South Wales: Past, Present and Future (NSW)
Rob Thomson

WA and TAS CTP Updates
Fab Zanuttigh, Peter Roche

Concurrent 8

Asbestos Liabilities and the New Risk Margin Framework
Brett Riley, Bruce Watson
Presentation Paper

TAC CTP Update
Janet Dore

Implementing Legislative Reform: The South Australian Story
Wayne Potter, Ian Rhodes
Presentation Paper

A Better System for Compensating Permanent Impairment in Australia
Paul O'Connor

An Analysis of Australian Health Insurers Claims Data
Adam Searle, Felix Tang, Yen Ni Tan
Presentation Paper

Plenary 4

A New Scheme Funded Institute for Accident Compensation Research
Alex Collie

Medical Indemnity and Issues for a State Insurer
Adrian Nye

Panel Discussion

Catastrophic Injury


Closing Remarks

Trevor Thompson, Institute President

Reserve Sessions

A PPAC Model of Periodic Incapacity Benefits Incorporating Retirement and Incapacity History
Richard Brookes

Large Claims – 'Where Art Thou'
Samantha Fuller, Christa Marjoribanks