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Crafted with students at its core, the Actuarial Sprint app is students' gateway to the pulse of the actuarial world. Join a platform that bridges you directly to the Institute and a thriving actuarial community to support you during your studies with the resources, networks and tools you need to succeed. Immerse yourself in a universe of inspiration and ambition created for and by the community.


Communicate directly with the Institute

Post questions to our discussion forum, where your query will be answered by those in the know.
Tailored content delivered to you

Gain insight into the profession and stay updated on innovation, with articles and videos.

Access career information

Feel supported with qualification journey tips and insights from young actuaries.

Simple, intuitive and convenient access to your Institute

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How to start a discussion

Tap the "Discuss" icon at the bottom navigation bar within the app to open a feed of discussions, ordered from most recently posted. You can post your question or insight by tapping the "+" symbol at the top right hand corner – this will open a page where you can add a subject and enter your query in the description space. Once posted, other users can add to your discussion thread and follow the conversation. You can quickly find discussions you've posted and contributed to by toggling the "involved" option on the centre top bar.

How to browse content

Your "Dash" – found in the bottom navigation bar – is your hub for the latest articles, podcasts and videos on the profession. Use to centre top toggle to switch between curated content based on your interests, and recently published at the Institute. Swipe through featured content at the top area of the dash, or scroll below in the events media section to browse the latest resources presented at Institute events. Continue scrolling to view videos from our Youtube channel and job opportunities for actuaries to help guide your passions.

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How to explore the actuarial career path

Feel inspired by the experiences and tips from young actuaries found in the "Career" area of the app – also in the bottom navigation bar. Simply scroll through the information and watch videos from these insightful members of your community.

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